Agroforestry & Working with Indigenous Communities

We promise that all chocolates used by Mamano Chocolate meet the following conditions. 

Mamano Chocolate Promise

  • Comprised of the indigenous Quichua people of the rainforest region of Napo, EcuadorWINAK combinationof cacao(100% inhabitants, 70% female) Message from WINAK Association
  • with the WINAK Uniondirect deal
  • Because cocoa has a high valuebuy at a higher price(4.2$-5.5$ per 1kg/The highest price among all customers in trade。)
  • traditional agroforestryCacao grown in (chakra)(Contributing to indigenous food security, healthcare, cash income, diverse ecosystems, rich soil, climate change mitigation and adaptation)
  • Cacao without pesticides or chemical fertilizers(USDA、nonEU141organic)
  • Traditional National Variety (Ariba Cacao)use. The improved CCN51 is basically not bred.
  • deforestation freeCacao(Deforestation Free Cacao)。
  • The WINAK Union hasagroforestry farm126ha and 6088ha of rainforest (including secondary forest) are registered.
  • child labor 0(100% Child labor free)
  • All land is registered with the WINAK AssociationOwned by Indigenous Farmers(Emphasis on land rights of indigenous peoples)
  • 100% transparent value chain(Local member living in Napo)

Chocolate not used by Mamano Chocolate

  • monoculture cacao(single variety farm)
  • improved cacao(CCN51, Spelalvo, etc.)
  • large plantation cacao
  • pesticide use cocoa
  • Cacao with no transparency in the value chain


  • The cocoa butter in the chocolate uses cacao from other than the WINA union.
  • If you have any questions about the above, we will answer them in detail.


As of September 26, 2022

Mamano Chocolate Kotaro Co., Ltd. 

Representative Director Kotaro Ezawa