Corporate customer consultation desk for souvenirs, original products, etc.

For corporate customers, please contact us from here.

So far, we have provided the following services.
There is no stipulation on the quantity, but we generally support more than 50 sets.

✔︎ I want to make an original from the box to commemorate the 20th anniversary
✔︎ I want to make an original set by assembling my favorite things
✔︎ I want to put the company logo
✔︎ I want to easily put a logo on a ready-made product
✔︎ I want to put out products in collaboration

First of all, I would like to hear your request.
In particular, I would be happy if we could help companies that share their feelings with Mamano.

Mamano's feelings
✔︎ Craftsmanship
✔︎ Direct trade based on long-term trust on an equal footing with farmers
✔︎ Agroforestry to protect the Amazon forest
✔︎ Pesticide-free farming
✔︎ Additives are not used