Online Seminar: What is the "Chakra Certificate" given to the products – ママノチョコレート

Online Seminar: What is the "Chakra Certificate" given to the products of the indigenous union of the Ecuadorian rainforest, and why Mamano is participating.

The beginning of chakra stickers

Quichua, indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazonfamilypeople ofAgroforestryis cultivated in a special way on our farm.

"Chakra"This method of cultivation, called , combines agricultural techniques with tradition and ancestral knowledge.

2019,chakra sealThe development ofPromoting a better living environment for Amazon familiesin order towithout high certification costs for farmer organizationswas launched in 2006 with the aim of encouraging and promoting fairer trade relations.

About certification standards

As with any certification, farmers and their organizations must meet certain principles in order to apply for Chakra certification.

These criteria areSetting standards for sustainable management, respecting culture, nature, women's participation and social justice, ensuring biodiverse agricultural systemsis what you do.

Mamano joins the Ethics Committee

Mamano Chocolate is a member of an ethics committee that ensures that established processes and rules are followed.was invited to

This organization consists of the production sector (producer associations), the private sector (consumers and customers), the public sector (local governments and ministries) and the academies (universities).

For Mamano Chocolate, chakra certification isA very interesting and innovative model that adds value to products, raises awareness among producers and consumers, and contributes to the protection of nature and culture.It can be said that

Differences from other certificates

The main difference from other certificates isAn initiative initiated by indigenous farmers with awareness and pride in their culture, biodiversity and eco-friendly farmingand like any other certificateImpediments cost to acquireIt's not to be.

Next time, we invite you to join us for a webinar on Chakra Attestation.

Our guests Izamar Valarezo, Chacra Certificate Presidente and Pedro Ramirez, GIZ Coordinator, German Cooperation, will elaborate on the benefits.

  • Those who like mamano chocolate
  • Those who are concerned about deforestation by cacao plantations
  • Advanced Initiatives in Indigenous Areas
  • Approval system
  • How forests should be protected
  • What is sustainable farming?

If you are interested in such people, please join us!

Date: Schedule being adjusted

Time: 90 minutes