MAMANOホワイトデー2019 特別営業時間のお知らせ

MAMANO White Day 2019 Special Business Hours Notice

MAMANO CHOCOLATE will extend its business hours for 3 days before and after White Day. Please drop in before your meal, after work, or before going to work.

[Information on special business hours]
March 13 (water) 11:00 ~ 23:00
Thursday, March 14th, 9am to 11pm
March 15 (gold) 9 am ~ 23:00

In addition, it will be very crowded during the above period every year.
Thank you for your cooperation in early purchase and reserve, following Valentine's Day.

Why don't you give this opportunity, which is only once a year, a feeling of gratitude that is usually shy and difficult to say?
We are waiting for you with delicious chocolates!

Online shop orders are available until 24:00 on the 10th.