Mamano Chocolate A new flavor of buckwheat noodles and Ethiopian coffe – ママノチョコレート
ママノチョコレート  定番商品のカードチョコレートに 韃靼そば・エチオピア珈琲の新フレーバーが仲間入り

Mamano Chocolate A new flavor of buckwheat noodles and Ethiopian coffee joins the standard card chocolate

Thank you for your continued patronage of Mamano Chocolate.

Starting today, "Card Chocolate" has a new flavor"Tartary buckwheat noodles" "Ethiopian coffee"Will be released, so let us know 📣

Card chocolate has been a staple of Mamano since its inception, and its flavor has been renewed frequently. The flavor this time isSticking to more domestic materialsThere are two types.


Discerning material (1): Tartary buckwheat noodles


For soba, we use domestically produced edible buckwheat tea. It is used abundantly as a topping for card chocolate. You can enjoy the crunchy texture and taste that is fragrant and crunchy. Please enjoy it by putting the side on which the soba is on your tongue.



Discerning material (2): Ethiopian coffee


Coffee is topped with roasted beans as they are on curd chocolate. The beans used are those of Tashiro Coffee in Higashi Osaka City. Representatives Ezawa and Chocolatier Homma went out and selected them. At first glance, coffee beans seem to have a strong bitterness, but the beans we use have a strong aroma, and you can enjoy a crispy and light texture. As with soba, please enjoy it with the side on which the coffee beans are placed touching your tongue.



Product details

Product Name: Card Chocolate Tartary Soba / Card Chocolate Ethiopian Coffee

Sales start date: On sale at stores and online shops from Monday, July 29, 2019

Price: Single item 147 yen (single item)

Please enjoy it! 🍫

Author : AG