National roasted cacao nibs 650g, WINAK Association in the amazon rain – MAMANO CHOCOLATE
ナショナル種ローストカカオニブ650g, WINAK Association in the amazon rain forest, Ecuador 製菓用チョコレート MAMANO CHOCOLATE
ナショナル種ローストカカオニブ650g, WINAK Association in the amazon rain forest, Ecuador 製菓用チョコレート MAMANO CHOCOLATE
ナショナル種ローストカカオニブ650g, WINAK Association in the amazon rain forest, Ecuador 製菓用チョコレート MAMANO CHOCOLATE

National roasted cacao nibs 650g, WINAK Association in the amazon rain forest, Ecuador


Roasted cacao nibs, a rare national variety (Alibacao), a traditional Ecuadorian variety.

Like all Mamano chocolates, it uses cocoa beans grown by cocoa farmers in the Amazon rainforest using traditional agroforestry farming (chakra farming) that is pesticide-free and fertilizer-free.

This is the content of the cocoa beans that are crushed by removing the shells after roasting the dried cocoa beans with the shells. If you eat it as it is, you can enjoy the gorgeous aroma and nut aroma of national species.

You can enjoy it deliciously even if you use it for ice cream, yogurt, cookies, salads, and cooking ingredients. If you put a small amount of sugar and cacao nibs together in your mouth, you can enjoy it as crunchy chocolate ✨


* Hard germs and cacao shells may be mixed, so please remove them before eating. If you chew it forcibly, there is a risk that your teeth will be chipped.

From cocoa bean harvesting, fermentation, drying to shipping

  1. Union buys cocoa pulp from Winjak union member farmers
  2. Trucked to Post Harvest Center
  3. Remove defective beans and impurities
  4. Register lot
  5. Fermentation in a wooden box for 5 to 6 days (regular stirring)
  6. Drying by sun drying in the tent
  7. Sort cocoa beans and remove impurities and defective beans.
  8. Quality check (directly conducted by Winak and Mamano's local partners). The beans used in Mamano are selected from those with high fermentation and low defective beans, and only high-grade beans are packed. Low quality beans are sold to other companies and local buyers.
  9. Weigh and pack in a bag

Mamano cocoa bean quality check criteria

Local partners check with union members every time.

  1. Open 10 bags per ton (about 20 bags) and extract 300g from each
  2. Check 100 bean samples in 2 batches
  3. The standard values of cacao beans used in Mamano are as follows
  • Fermentation degree 75% or more
  • Maximum mold value 1%
  • Maximum value of defective beans 2%
  • Maximum pest damage 1%
  • Maximum value of purple beans 10%
  • Maximum water content 7%
  • Maximum cadmium 0.5ppm

Even if you clear the above, it will be the highest grade beans, but in the latest test, the fermentation degree is about 80-90%, mold, defective beans, insect pest beans are 0, purple beans are about 5%, but from the standard value Because it is a high number, you can enjoy the original scent of national cocoa beans without any defective flavor.

Bacterial test results (December 2021 data)

  • General viable cell count 34000cfu / g, E. coli negative, coliform bacteria feminine, Aerobic spore-forming bacteria feminine, Mold negative, Bacillus cereus negative, Salmonella negative

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Product information

internal volume


expiry date

Delivered with a best-by date of 3 months or more

preservation method

Cold and dark place below 21 ℃

Raw materials

Roasted cacao nibs

Nutritional ingredients

Nutritional components (per 100g) / energy 685kcal, protein 14.2g, fat 59.5g, carbohydrates 23.2g, salt equivalent 0.01g / estimated value



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