73% Cacao Let Drops 2022 Now on sale – ママノチョコレート
73%カカオレットドロップス 2022販売開始

73% Cacao Let Drops 2022 Now on sale

73% Cacao Let DropsHas started selling.

The chocolate has a delicate and gorgeous scent and is refined using Alibaba cacao cultivated in the Amazon rainforest area of Ecuador harvested in 2022.


Tasting notes

Melting in the mouth: Smooth and comfortable melting in the mouth. Melts quickly without chewing
Fragrance: A gorgeous scent reminiscent of white flowers such as complex cinnamon spices and jasmine spreads delicately. Milky impression from the middle. Melon-based fruit flavor.
Taste: A slight bitterness supports the entire chocolate body. There is little acidity, and the sweetness is soft and high quality.
Afterglow: A gorgeous aroma, a slight bitterness, and a long-lasting caramel aroma.
Texture: Slightly rough compared to convenience chocolate

In developing this chocolate

The scent opens faster than before because it has a smoother formulation that melts in the mouth than the 73% cacao drops that were sold until 2021.Put it on your tongue and melt it without chewingI hope you enjoy it.

From this year, Mamano has become more involved in the cacao harvesting, fermentation and drying processes in Ecuador.

The chocolates we sell this timeCocoa beans harvested for three weeks on January 21, 2022, January 28, and February 4I am using.

It is produced in Artidona, Napo Province, Ecuador, and is a bean harvested from 11 communities located in an area with an altitude of approximately 500-700 m. All production areasChakra farming method that is pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer-free (agroforestry)It is cultivated in.

In the drying process, cocoa beans are spread on a 1m-high drying table in the tent and dried in the sun in a hygienic environment. There is no "off-flavour (unpleasant odor)" because it is not affected by the adsorption of odors due to exhaust gas or gas drying.

Please enjoy the new chocolate.


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