A small size has been added to the shipping cardboard. Step by step to – ママノチョコレート

A small size has been added to the shipping cardboard. Step by step towards a sound material-cycle society.

Report small improvements.

One size smaller has been added to the cardboard for Mamano's online shop delivery. Until now, we prepared two sizes of cardboard, butAvailable in 3 sizesbecame.

From the viewpoint of resource utilization, the height was reduced by 4 cm, so it was put inside.Reduction of 2 sheets of cushioning paperIt led to. However, because the thickness of the box was increased by one grade to make it a durable box for delivery in rainy weather.Weight has increased by 21gIt's gone.

From the perspective of CO2 emissions in transportation, by preparing a cardboard box that is as good as possible for the size of the product inside, the number of luggage that can be carried by one truck will increase.Reduced travel distance and CO2 emissions and exhaust gas pollutionWill lead to.

Although it is a small improvement, we have reported several requests from customers in the past for optimizing the box size! Thank you to everyone who requested it!


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Mamano's policies and initiatives for a sound material-cycle society. Especially for solving the plastic waste problem. [Updated from time to time]


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