Almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts are now available as popular card ch – ママノチョコレート

Almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts are now available as popular card chocolates. The decisive factor for the taste is freshness and roasting.

Pursue the motto "Simple" of the card chocolate series

Card chocolate is a standard product of Mamano. By topping 73% of Alibacacao chocolate with carefully selected ingredients, the flavor of Alibabacacao and the original taste of the ingredients are simply expressed.



All three new nutsDeveloped with the theme of "maximizing the original taste of nuts"it was done. All the nuts used are in a simple state without caramelization (sugar).


73% card chocolate almonds

カードチョコレート アーモンド

When the seal is opened, the gorgeous scent of alibaka cacao and the apricot kernel-like scent of almonds spread softly. As you chew, the gentle sweetness spreads from the almonds, and even after you have eaten it, you can enjoy the delicate finish with a mixture of bitterness, aroma, and sweetness for a long time.

Characterized by bitter flavorUses almonds from Sicily, Italydoing.

At the product development stage,I also considered almonds from Pain Marcona,From almonds from Marcona, which are rich in oil and sweetSicilian almonds with a crisp bitterness were more compatible with Alibaba cacao.

The bitterness peculiar to almonds and the bitterness of chocolate are mixed to create a beautiful aftertaste.


Card chocolate 73% pistachio

カードチョコレート ピスタチオ

Airlifted fresh enough to be eaten rawUses Iranian pistachios.. It is called "super green", and only those that meet the regulations of harvest time and color are selected.


The pistachios before roasting are bright green.

The pistachio is roasted slightly strongly to give a finish that you can feel the aroma as well as the blueness peculiar to young pistachios. It starts with a fresh blue color, and the more you chew, the more fragrant the pistachios will be.

In addition, the gorgeous and firm scent of Ariva and pistachio are very compatible, and the combination of the two scents creates a new scent. Feel the enchanting scent when you open the seal.


73% curd chocolate hazelnuts

カードチョコレート ヘーゼルナッツ

On top of the chocolate, I put a large round hazelnut on top of it.

Of the three types of nuts, hazelnuts have a particularly pleasant texture. While enjoying the light texture, nuts and chocolate mix in your mouth. The sweet scent when the seal is opened is like honey.

Hazelnuts are famous for being the finest from Piedmont, but I used them this time.Sicilian hazelnutsThe quality of the taste is second to none. According to Mr. Homma, a chocolatier who developed the product, the hazelnuts from Piedmont have a delicate and feminine impression, and the Sicilian hazelnuts have a firmer and more masculine impression.

It is a finish that you can fully feel the flavor of Sicilian hazelnuts, which is comparable to the powerful flavor of Alibaba cacao.


The deliciousness of nuts is determined by freshness and roasting

As much as possible, topping chocolate as grainsI want to deliver the deliciousness of fresh nutsfrom. To keep the nuts fresh, almonds and hazelnuts are vacuumed and pistachios are nitrogen-filled and airlifted. The reason is that nuts, which are rich in fats and oils, oxidize when exposed to the air and lose their taste.

When you eat itChew well and enjoy the taste that changes with each bite... You should be able to enjoy the aftertaste after eating because of the flavor that spreads the moment you chew and the taste that changes while mixing with chocolate in your mouth. Don't forget to enjoy the scent when you open the seal.

At the roasting stage, we are attacking the borderline that feels "fragrant".

In the raw or lightly roasted state, the precious nuts lose the rich flavor of alibaca cao, but if they are overcooked, the nuts themselves will become bitter.

Looking for the point where the flavor of nuts and alibaca cacao can be brought out most,Best roasting for almonds, pistachios and hazelnutsIs given.

Nut chocolate that maximizes the flavor of nuts and makes the best use of the characteristics of Alibaba cacao. The taste is a classic combinationA self-confident work that can only be expressed by MamanoIt has become.

Product price


Card chocolate almond 73% ¥ 300 (tax included)
Card chocolate hazelnut 73% ¥ 300 (tax included)
Card chocolate pistachio 73% ¥ 300 (tax included)
3 types of card chocolate 73% 6 pieces ¥ 2,100 (tax included)

* Only "73% card chocolate 3 types nuts 6 pieces" is sold at the online shop. Please purchase the single item at the store.

Written by Kadekawa Mizuki
Mamano Chocolate Story Teller. It's a chocolate nerd.