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カードチョコレート ナッツ3種のおいしい食べ方

How to eat 3 kinds of curd chocolate nuts

Today, I would like to introduce the recommended way to eat 3 kinds of curd chocolate nuts (almond, pistachio, hazelnut).

About the taste and commitment of 3 kinds of card chocolate nutsThis articleIt is spelled in.


Transform into a snack just by adding salt

Chocolatier HonmaIntroducing the recommended arrangement method proposed by.

Just sprinkle a little salt on your favorite nut curd chocolate.

Arranging is very easy, isn't it? The salt can be cooking salt at home.

With just a little salt, the taste changes surprisingly. You can enjoy a different taste by eating it as it is and then adding a little salt.

Salted nut chocolate goes great with whiskey. If you like liquor, use it as a snack for your favorite liquor. It is an arrangement that you can enjoy even by itself. Please try.


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Written by Kadekawa Mizuki
Mamano Chocolate Story Teller. It's a chocolate nerd.