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Thoughts on the development of chakra cookies

Ecuadorian Amazon chakra cookies to be released on June 29th. We will deliver the feelings for the products that we have developed.



Mamano's Alibaba cacao is grown on traditional chakra farming methods.

Until now, I had only thought that "various flavors are felt in multiple layers, and the complex taste is delicious", but as I learned more about local life, farming methods, and crops that can be grown together, one of them. I realized that each flavor had a reason and that it led to a unique taste.

Spicy flavors like cinnamon, rich flavors like ripe bananas, floral flavors reminiscent of white flowers, sweet and sour flavors reminiscent of red fruits, these are the crops that are carefully grown with cacao in the chakras. , Isn't it influencing each other through the same soil?

At first, it was hard to believe myself, but when I captured the flavors I felt from cacao from those crops, I was shocked by the fact that the memories of the flavors I had had so far were connected by a single line.

Chakra cookies are special spices containing Ishpingo (Ecuadorian cinnamon), lemongrass, and guayusa, cacao nibs (also from the Winjak Association), and oatmeal from among the crops that Winhac (Mamano's cacao production partner) carefully grows. A cookie kneaded with.

A lot of oatmeal is kneaded so that you can feel the crunchy texture and texture, the fragrant bitterness of cacao nibs is accented, and the spices are grown in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador using locally produced spices of irregular size. A unique taste that allows you to directly feel the flavors of various materials.

The taste that you don't usually encounter may seem strange at first, but by the time you eat one, you will want to eat it again, such a mysterious cookie.

Chef Chocolatier Yusaku Homma


Message from Mamano

In a society where climate change, deforestation, soil pollution and marine pollution are advancing, it is said that the chakra farming method (agroforestry, pesticide-free, chemical fertilizer-free) by small-scale farmers can be one solution.

Not only does forest conservation lead to the maintenance of a rich natural environment, but in the agricultural form that is carried out while creating an environment close to the forest, the amount of carbon accumulated in the soil is larger than that of a single crop, so it is also a countermeasure against climate change. valid.

In addition, the production of high-mix crops by small-scale farmers is a farming method that allows you to cover your own life with products without relying on cash crops, and also to earn cash income in various ways.

Cookies made from crops grown by the chakra farming method were first developed as a luxurious snack that will please everyone with their rich and diverse flavors, but at the same time, I hope that they will be an opportunity to get to know the rainforest and chakra farming methods. I am.

Mamano representative Kotaro Ezawa


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