Ecuador Amazon's "Chakra Cookies" will be released on June 29th! & 73% – ママノチョコレート

Ecuador Amazon's "Chakra Cookies" will be released on June 29th! & 73% chocolate gift for the first 100 people

To coincide with International Tropical Day on June 29th (Wednesday)"Ecuadorian Amazon Chakra Cookies"Will be on sale!

Four crops cultivated in Ecuador and oatmeal are combined to create a cookie with a spicy flavor and crunchy texture.

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The International Day of the Tropics celebrates the diversity of the tropics andA day to focus on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by tropical countriesWas enacted as.

The cocoa provided by Mamano Chocolate is cultivated entirely by indigenous Quechuas in the Amazon region of Ecuador, located in the tropics.

Locally, it is also the product name of the new cookie."Chakra farming method"We grow cacao and various other crops and plants in an environment close to forests without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The new cookie is made from crops carefully grown by members of the Winhac Union (Mamano's cacao production partner) located in the rainforest region of Ecuador.

Ishpingo(Ecuadorian cinnamon, a member of the laurel family, not cinnamon as a variety)


GuayusaA special spice containing (a drink that rejuvenates the presence of green tea and coffee locally)

Cacao nibs(Also from the Winjak Union)

It was developed by kneading the four characteristic materials of and oatmeal.

A lot of oatmeal is kneaded so that you can feel the crunchy texture and response, and the aroma of cacao nibs is an accent.

The spices are made locally and have irregular sizes, and are unique in that you can directly feel the flavors of various ingredients grown in the Amazon rainforests of Ecuador.

Cookies made from crops grown by the chakra farming method were first developed as a luxurious treat that will please everyone with their rich and diverse flavors, but at the same time, they will let you know about the rainforest and chakra farming methods on this tropical day. I hope it will be an opportunity.

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 New sale commemoration

Online and in-storeA pouch containing 73% cacaolet drops for the first 100 peopleAs a gift!

We hope that you will feel the influence (especially spice feeling) on the flavor of chocolate by various plants grown in the same soil and the same natural environment.


Announcement of launch event

Also, as a seminar to commemorate the release of chakra cookies"Agroforestry Farm Tour"It will be held.

It will be broadcast from the farm of a local partner in Ecuador, which grows four Amazon ingredients used for cookies, and will be planned while interacting with the locals.
Participation just by looking or listening is OK.

the time isSaturday, July 9th, 7: 30-1 hour in the morningIs planned.
Do it online! If you are interested, please join us.

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