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[For customers using the online shop] Information on delivery date and final order date for Valentine's Day

February 2020 Valentine's Dayonline shopHow to useI will inform you about.

It is a precaution for everyone to use it comfortably.
If you are thinking of purchasing for Valentine's Day, please read it.


About delivery date and last order date

Customers who wish to arrive by 2/14 (Friday) will be able to arrive by 2/7 (Friday) 24:00.Please order at.

7 days or more from order to delivery during the period from 1/14 (Tuesday) to 2/14 (Friday)I have received it. Even if you contact us by e-mail etc., we will not be able to respond to the shipping date earlier, so please place your order as soon as possible.


Bank transfer customers

2/1 (Soil) ~ 2/14 (Gold)Cannot accept orders by bank transfer.

Please select a payment method such as a credit card.


About the campaign

1/10 (gold)-1/31 (fire)untilCustomers who placed an order,Coupon code"If you enter "0214"Valentine500 yen off by applying the early discount campaignI will do it. Please use all means.




* If there is a desired delivery date, "Specify delivery date" is required.
* If not specified, delivery on the specified date may be prioritized.
* Delivery may not be possible as scheduled due to the effects of weather and other factors. We recommend that you place an order on a timely schedule and receive it as soon as possible and store it at home.
* Depending on the area, we may not be able to meet your request.

List of order date and delivery date

2/6 (Thursday) 13th arrival last day of designated order

2/7 (Friday) 14th arrival last day of designated order

After 2/8 (Sat), arrival cannot be specified before 14 days


About product expiration date

The list of product expiration dates isHereplease look at.


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