Limited release of precious raw chocolate made from rum soaked in dome – ママノチョコレート

Limited release of precious raw chocolate made from rum soaked in domestic raisins for a month

From April 1st (Wednesday), we will release a limited number of "God's large pavé chocolate 20-year-old rum and grape memories". 

This product is a raw chocolate made from homemade grape aged rum, which was made as a by-product during the production of the popular products "Rum Shine Muscat 20 Years Aged" and "Rum Pione 20 Years Aged *" released last year. ..

Self-aged rum made by soaking raisins in Colombian "Dicta Doll", a 20-year-old rum for one month * .. This is a limited edition product that takes advantage of its mellow scent.

The secret of delicate taste

 There are two types of grapes soaked in rum, Shine Muscat and Pione. Both are special raisins from Ajimu, Oita Prefecture. The raisins were slowly soaked in the ultra-long-term aged rum "Dictadol" from Colombia, which has a deep richness like maple syrup, for a month.

The lamb soaked in Shine Muscat has a scent of white grapes that pops during aging and has a taste like Moscatel wine *. On the other hand, the rum soaked in pione has a strong ripening feeling like rum raisins behind the astringency of tannins, and has a taste like Pedro Ximenez *.

Mamano's homemade grape-aged rum, which is a luxurious blend of these, was created by making full use of the flavor of "God's large-grain pavé chocolate, 20-year-old rum and grape memory."

The raw chocolate is balanced and balanced with the powerful taste of alibaca cao so that you can feel the delicate yet deep-sounding taste of aged rum and the fragile and certain sweetness extracted from the raisins. I did.

The deep taste that the horns are removed by long aging and the sound reverberates deeply in the back. A mellow, sweet fruitiness that shows that the grapes were certainly there once. The floral scent peculiar to Ariva adds brilliance, creating a harmony that has never been experienced before. 

Among the raw chocolates that Mamano has made so far, it is a product with a particularly delicate flavor.

The reason why this chocolate was born

The ingredients for "Rum Shine Muscat 20 Years Aged" and "Rum Pione 20 Years Aged *", which triggered the creation of homemade lamb, were all carefully selected.

"If the rum raisins made from only carefully selected ingredients are so delicious, the rum after soaking should be delicious," I was surprised. Isn't the taste and sweetness of grapes extracted and has a surprising flavor?

Every time I prepare rum raisins, I keep a small amount of rum that has been soaked and imagine a recipe for the coming day. This time, although it was a small amount, I was finally able to see the light of day. I'm really looking forward to having it served by our customers!

I want you to spend plenty of time and enjoy yourself

Such fine rum and raw chocolate from Alibaba cacao.
It can't be delicious. Mamano will deliver with confidence.
Next is a special and precious chocolate that you don't know when you can make it, even if you want to make it.
Please take your time and enjoy the delicate harmony of lamb, grapes and alibaca cao.


How to enjoy differently depending on the eating temperature

When you take it out of the refrigerator and eat it immediately, the taste of grapes is modest, the astringency of tannins, the gorgeous aroma of alibaca cacao, and the adult taste of rum supporting the body.

On the other hand, if you take it at room temperature for about 20 minutes and eat it in a half-melted state, the rich sweetness of the grapes will open at once, and you can enjoy the deliciousness of the royal road called rum raisins.


Advance reservations will start on March 25th (Wednesday) at the online shop.

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3 pieces ¥ 1,500

6 pieces ¥ 2,700

(tax included)


Supplement in the text

* Muscatel isA sweet sherry made from dried white grapes. Characterized by the aroma of fresh white grapes.

* Pedro Ximenez isExtremely sweet sherry made from dried red grapes. Characterized by its rich sweetness, it is said to be the sweetest wine in the world.

 * "Ram Shine Muscat 20 Years Aged" and "Rampione 20 Years Aged" are sold out

* Self-aged rum refers to the fact that raisins were soaked in Dictador 20-year-old rum for one month in Mamano's workshop. We do not make rum itself.