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* We are not currently recruiting. (August 1, 2021)


Mamano Chocolate is a chocolate specialty store that operates under the slogan "Creating an earth full of smiles with chocolate."

The chocolate we offer uses the rare alibaca cocoa, which is produced in only 2% of the world's total. By directly partnering with farmers and unions in the Amazon region of Ecuador, we purchase the highest quality fine inflator cacao "Ariva National" without compromise in all processes such as variety, farming and transportation.

The representative himself goes to the site and builds a long-term relationship with the farmer / union to build a win-win relationship with the producer, and thinks about the smiles of not only the customers but also the farmers.

Our goal is to create an "earth" full of smiles. It also includes Mamano staff. Through working at Mamano, we will support our staff so that they will have many opportunities to learn and take on challenges.


 Representative Jiang Ze and Kotaro 

From an early age, I wanted to start my own business, and after gaining experience as a member of society at three venture companies, I founded this MAMANO CHOCOLATE.

The major turning point in our founding was the Great East Japan Earthquake. After finishing my life as a salaryman and retiring, I devoted myself to volunteer activities after the earthquake. In particular, we worked on reconstruction support in Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture, and held a product exhibition for 16 days in front of Yurakucho Station. I went directly to the site and sold my thoughtful products in Yurakucho. People in Minamisanriku said "Thank you", people who bought the product in Tokyo also said "Thank you", and the staff of the sales volunteers also said "Thank you". In this way, when I was thinking, "I want to do a business that pleases everyone involved and can do it on a global scale."

Mamano knows all the processes from materials to delivery to customers in-house. If you are a manufacturing staff, you can be confident in what you create, and if you are a sales staff, you can be confident in what you recommend. Would you like to create an earth full of smiles with us?

Kotaro Ezawa


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Mamano's "working" 

Depending on the day of the week, some members may go up early and devote themselves to their hobbies. Shifts are also flexible.
I admit a side job. In addition, there are many members who are involved in MAMANO as a side business.
It is a system that you can choose 10,000 or 20,000 yen a month and save it arbitrarily. When the reserve of 240,000 yen is accumulated, we will visit a farmer in Ecuador as a company training.


Employees have a system where they can spend 5,000 yen a month for their own learning. It doesn't matter what you use it for, such as seminars or visiting chocolate shops.
Mamano is willing to introduce IT tools. Instead of using personal LINE, I use a chat tool called Slack and a tool called Asana. I will give a lecture on how to use it even if I am not good at PC.
It is also possible to work with multiple roles such as [sales staff x accounting] and [sales staff x store design].


Sometimes it's important to talk to a career expert to rethink what you want to do. You can have a career interview with an outside expert at no cost.
Some of our systems are employee-initiated. Let's make it together!


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    info Please send your resume and resume with a photo to mamano-chocolate.com. You can attach a PDF, etc.
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    3-8-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Akasaka Floral Plaza 1st floor
    To MAMANO recruitment staff
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