A challenge to add new value to "0 yen ingredients = immature apples t – ママノチョコレート

A challenge to add new value to "0 yen ingredients = immature apples that were thrown away" with chocolate.

I went to the fruit tree farm "Datesuimitsuen" in Fukushima prefecture in search of delicious fruits to match with chocolate. The one who attendedBelize GardenAimi Kagei.

While working as a fruit farmer myself, I am working on the activities of the Belize Garden in collaboration with the local orchards.

Fruit tree kingdom Fukushima. Agri brand from Fukushima. "Berry's Garden"
With the theme of "Pocket of" love berry "time: love and fruitful time for a little gap in everyday life." Is proposing.

Mr. Yuki Sato of Datesuimitsu Orchard showed us around the fruit farm.
The cherries are in their prime! The varieties are Nishiki Sato and Napoleon.

There was only one dark American cherry tree in it.
When asked why there was only one American cherry tree, he said he wasn't thinking about selling it with the tree that had existed since his predecessor.
He said that he usually gives it to those who come to hunt cherries.

When you try it, it has a strong sweetness and is a very delicious American cherry! Many hands will be stretched.

Sato Nishiki is also very sweet and delicious, and Napoleon is sour and refreshing like a green apple, so I thought it would be awkward to handle, but this time I thought that it was an American cherry tree that I had no plans to sell. I decided to buy all the cherries that have become! I'm going to finish it with a refreshing bonbon chocolate for summer.

Visit peaches, apples and grapes.
Therefore, Mr. Kagei consulted about small, immature peaches and apples that are thrown away in the process of fruit thinning.

Peach is a specialty of Fukushima as Kanro-ni of young peach.
As for apples, it seems that all the small, immature apples that have been picked so far have been dropped under the tree and thrown away.
It's a waste, so I can't do anything about it, but I have to check the taste first, so I'll try it.

The immature fruits of Jonathan are sour! And there is also astringency. But it's surprisingly soft and my favorite acidity. The impression that Fuji has a strong astringency and harshness.
Granny Smith is tightly packed with sourness and hard!

What I have thrown away so farToChocolat with a completely new taste with new valueIf we can provide this, wouldn't it be possible to create a system that would make farmers, Mamano, customers, and everyone happy? !! It became a story.

So, from now on, I will work with the chef to find out how to use immature green apples to provide deliciousness and surprise as a summer bonbon chocolate.

Mamano, who continues to handle Alibaba cacao as a direct trade, will build a direct relationship with ingredients all over Japan in the future.

Then, based on making surprisingly delicious chocolate, we will challenge to make good chocolate using mottainai ingredients.

Add value to 0 yen ingredients

I feel like I saw it on a program somewhere, but I think it will be an attempt!




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