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"Memory of 20-year-old rum and grapes" Raw chocolate that you want to taste slowly while spending time at home.

Hello to all readers of Mamano Magazine. It's a chocolate nerd Kadekawa.

I'm sure many people are thinking about how to spend their time at home and how to enjoy it because of their daily self-restraint request (which is important), but I still eat chocolate almost every day.

Basically, there are many chocolate bars with a long expiration date, but this time we had a limited taste from Mamano Chocolate's standard product "God's raw chocolate", so we had it for the first time in a while.

What is "God's large pavé chocolate, 20-year-old rum and grape memory"?

To summarize it very brieflyRaw chocolate with rum flavored with grapesis. The product name is a little long, "God's large grain raw chocolate, 20-year-old rum and grape memory", so let's introduce it as "ram raw chocolate" in the text.

The length of this product name conveys its commitment and romance, but it is a raw chocolate with a lot of elaborate materials. For those who want to know the commitment to each material, Mamano has released it.This articlehere is.

By the way, I would like to visit the actual food repo from now on.


First of all, I want to fully taste the aroma

What I felt when I opened the seal was that scent that remained in my memory. Yes, it was released by Mamano Chocolate in the summer of 2019,"Ram Shine Muscat 20 Years Aged" and "Rampione 20 Years Aged"It is the scent of. That should be it. This rum pavé chocolate is made with rum, which is made by soaking this rum shine muscat and ram pione for a month, and the flavor of the grapes is clearly transferred.

Hmmm, this scent, this scent. While tracing delicious memories, the difference between the two memories is that the scent of alibaca cocoa can be clearly felt even before eating. The acidity, gorgeousness and bitterness mix with the aroma of rum. Of course, no fragrance is used, but when you open the box with an amazing fragrance, you will be surrounded by the gorgeous scent of raw rum chocolate.

Mamano's raw chocolatePlease return it at room temperature for about 15 to 30 minutes.Is officially recommended. This is about moderate softness, melting in the mouth, and how the scent comes out, but for example, opening the seal and waiting for time while enjoying the scent may be one way to enjoy it. Anyway, it is a chocolate that you want to enjoy the scent at the beginning.


Outstanding melting in the mouth that I felt again

This time, I received Mamano's raw chocolate for the first time in a while when I received the new lamb raw chocolate. And I felt it againGood melting in the mouthis.

Raw chocolate just cut at the factory

Mamano's raw chocolate does not come with cocoa powder, but this is also a device that prioritizes good taste. When you put it in your mouth, it melts at body temperature (this may be overstated), and when it is kept soft at room temperature for a long time, it flows into your throat like water and disappears naturally. To go. I was surprised again by the excellence of this melting in the mouth.


Fruit flavor condensed in raw chocolate


What I want you to pay attention to most in this lamb raw chocolateFruit flavor in raw chocolateis.

If you are distracted by the flavor of rum and the astringency and sourness of Alibaba cacao, you may miss it, so I will write it while thinking that it may be a sushi. I didn't even notice it with just one grain.

Shine Muscat and Pione. Two typesThe fruitiness derived from raisins appears in the raw chocolate.That's right. I was surprised at this! When I found that the condensed sweetness and fruity flavor of the raisins came out of the raw chocolate, I was happy that this lamb raw chocolate was even more delicious. The flavor of the raisins hidden in the rum and the gorgeousness of the alibaca cocoa create a synergistic effect.


Clean and comfortable alcohol sensation

I thought that this rum pavé chocolate had a strong rum finish, but when I tried it, I got a slightly different impression.

At the beginning, alcohol is clearly felt strongly, but the feeling of alcohol does not remain behind. It fades cleanly in the second half, and what you feel later is the bitter taste of Alibaba cacao. I didn't feel that the alcohol was too strong. However, it is a balance that is not recommended for those who are not good at drinking, but if you usually like alcohol, you will surely like it.

Delicate and complex taste among Mamano

Mamano chocolate is "delicious even if you eat it without thinking, and it is delicious even if you concentrate on eating it." I think it is made like that.

However, this limited edition is a little more delicate and complicated than usual. In order to fully enjoy the taste, it may be necessary for the eater to focus on the chocolate in front of him. I wanted to share the impression of "delicious!" With the maximum taste to those who picked it up, so I wrote down my impressions of the taste.

I want you to spend a fulfilling time at home because it is this time of year. I want you to eat delicious food, relax, and feel happy. I feel that the raw chocolate that you can buy online is perfect for a little luxury.

"God's large pavé chocolate 20-year-old rum and grape memory" can be purchased from the following.

Well then, thank you for reading to the end.
Delicious chocolate, a feast.

wrriten by Kadekawa Mizuki
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