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Until the new taste of Akasaka card chocolate "Tartary buckwheat noodles" and "Ethiopian coffee" is made

Hello. Mamano Storyteller'sKadekawais.

This time,We are engaged in overall chocolate product development.Interview with Mr. Homma, Chief Chocolatiercame.last timeFollowing on from, we will deliver episodes related to Mamano Chocolate's "Card Chocolate".



——Card chocolate was a regular product of Mamano chocolate even before Mr. Homma started working as a chocolatier. How did you feel when you first ate it?


Chef Homma I thought that Pure Ariva of Card Chocolate is the product that shows the best of Mamano chocolate. The thinness is just right and the scent spreads well. It should be the same chocolate as drops and chocolate bar, but it's completely different. So, for our customersThe first thing I want you to eat with our products is pure Ariba, a card chocolate.What is it? By eating this, I think you can enjoy more palette chocolate and raw chocolate coat.

—— “Pure Ariva” is delicious, isn't it? If you remember the impression you had when you first ate the other flavors of curd chocolate, please let us know.

Chef Homma The salt and brown sugar were especially impressive. The material is good, so it's simply delicious, and I felt that I was particular about the place where the production area was specified. vice versa,Used in old products "crispy pie" and "caramel nuts"Fiantine and caramelized nuts are both familiar and common combinations for me, who have worked in the confectionery industry for a long time.

The base chocolate of Alibaba cacao is characterized by a clear flavor with little miscellaneous taste. I think the good thing about curd chocolate is that it can be directly conveyed without disturbing the flavor of the topping material.

By examining the ingredients, I think we can make something more interesting and delicious. With that in mind, we worked on the development of new products that would change to these two types.


A lineup of card chocolates until the end of July 2019.


——Mr. Ezawa also talked about “Yoronjima salt” and “Tanegashima brown sugar”.In the previous articleYou talked about your commitment. I think many people liked "crispy pie" and "caramel nuts" because of their texture.

Chef Homma Yes. that's why,"Crispy pie" and "caramel nuts"If I wanted to create a new taste instead, I wanted to be able to meet those who liked these two products. Focusing on the textured ingredients, the finished products are "Tartary buckwheat noodles" and "Ethiopian coffee".


New flavors of curd chocolate "Tartary buckwheat noodles" and "Ethiopian coffee"

"Tartary buckwheat noodles" and "Ethiopian coffee" sold at the end of July are new flavors of curd chocolate.


 「"Tartary buckwheat noodles" is a product that matches Mamano's chocolate with its light texture and aroma. There is a snack feeling that makes you want to eat it as many times as you want.
——You said you were looking for a material with a texture, but how did you decide on the material? 

Chef Homma The first thing that came to my mind was sesame seeds. I made a prototype immediately, but the flavor of alibaka cacao was superior and the taste of sesame could not be brought out well. The next thing I tried was soba. At first, I was looking for ordinary soba, but while I was looking for it, I arrived at the domestically produced "Tartary buckwheat noodles".

I'm using Hokkaido nowSapporo Chomei-anThis is Mr. Tartary buckwheat noodles. The points were that they were cultivated only on their own farms and contract farms, and that they were pesticide-free.

——Is normal soba different from “Tartary buckwheat”?

Chef Homma I also researched and found out that the varieties are different. So, when I ordered the buckwheat noodles and tried it, it was fragrant and delicious. There is also a texture. This can be done! I thought. This buckwheat noodles are roasted at the Ome workshop and adjusted so that the aroma matches the chocolate.


I also learned about the coffee beans used in "Ethiopian coffee".


Even though coffee beans are placed as they are, the aroma is soft and even sweet. I'm addicted to the crunchy texture and the compatibility with chocolate.


Chef Homma The coffee beans used in "Ethiopia Coffee" are beans selected and roasted by Mr. Tashiro Coffee, who sells specialty coffee, to match the chocolate of Mamano chocolate.
Mr. Tashiro Coffee baked beans from 3 production areas in the sample, and I chose the coffee beans from Ethiopia that I am currently using. It has a very beautiful flavor. After roasting the beans, the flavor gradually declines, so I try to have them sent in small quantities.

——The point is that the coffee beans are completely topped with chocolate.


Chef Homma At first, I thought about crushing it and topping it, but the beans themselves are delicious, so I decided to use the current shape to take advantage of its flavor. By chewing in your mouth, you can directly taste the flavor of coffee beans.


After asking the chef about his commitment to the two new flavors, I would like to touch on the "Premium Fruit Series" of card chocolate that has been on sale for some time.

This series, topped with dried fruits, was the first product developed by Chef Homma since he entered Mamano Chocolate.


"Premium Fruit Series" was born from the chef's detour

In March of this year, a whiskey-loving chef visited the Nikka Whiskey factory in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture on his way home. While driving on the highway, I met at the Adatara service area where I stopped by for a break.Berry ’s GardenIt was Mr.'s dried fruit. When I tried the tasting, they were all delicious, and I heard that they asked for their contact information and went home.



The "Premium Fruit Series", which was born from a chance encounter, consists of three types: peaches, apples, and oranges. All of them use dried fruits carefully made by farmers to enjoy not only the taste but also the aroma and texture.

To enjoy the taste of dried fruits more, it is recommended to eat with the chocolate side up and the fruit side down. (The fact that you want to eat with the ingredients down also applies to "Tartary buckwheat noodles" and "Ethiopian coffee")



Card chocolates are sold from 1 at the Akasaka Mitsuke store and from 5 at the online shop. 5 pieces is a popular item with a drawstring purse with the original logo. Assortment of 20 and 40 pieces can be used when serving a large number of people or as a snack stock at home.

May the deliciousness of Mamano chocolate be added to your life.