The reason why the regular product "Akasaka Card Chocolate" was born f – ママノチョコレート

The reason why the regular product "Akasaka Card Chocolate" was born from the time Mamano was founded.

The reason why card chocolate was born

Mamano Chocolate is the 7th year since its establishment.

So far, we have developed not only chocolate but also various products such as baked goods using chocolate, shaved ice, and crepes.

Under such circumstances, there are products that Mamano Chocolate has been confidently delivering, which has been loved by customers since its establishment.

That is Akasaka Card Chocolate.

In fact, the Akasaka card chocolate that was sold as "cracked chocolate" at the time of its release isIt was created with the desire to let as many people as possible know and enjoy the gorgeous taste of Alibaba cacao.

The reason why it looks like it is now is from customers."I want it as a gift because it's delicious, but it's hard to give cracked chocolate."Because there was a voice.

If there are people who would like to give it as a gift, it became a beautiful chocolate bar that was poured into a mold.

Mr. Ezawa, the representative of Mamano Chocolate, who was making chocolate by himself at that time

"I have a lot of hardships to make chocolate just by making it with a mold," he says.

The alibacao chocolate used by Mamano Chocolate is a little different from ordinary "confectionery chocolate", so it's difficult to handle.

Akasaka Card Chocolate is a thin chocolate bar of about 3 mm as a result of considering the best balance between the good melting in the mouth and the spread of the aroma.


Two flavors that have been loved for a long time: salt and brown sugar

Currently, there are five types of curd chocolate: plain, brown sugar, salt, coffee beans, and buckwheat noodles. So far, there have been other flavors such as "crispy" topped with caramel and fiantine, rice puff, Hida Sansho, and gang.

The salt is sea salt from Yoron Island,We are particular about brown sugar from Tanegashima and the place of origin.

When I asked Mr. Ezawa, who chose the two materials, why he used this salt and brown sugar, he had his own thoughts.


"Yoron Island Salt"Is a material that Mr. Ezawa came to use when he became acquainted with a person with a disability in Kagoshima. I started using it with the hope that it would be a employment support, and I am still using it.Everyone at the facility seems to be very pleased that the salt they made is sold as chocolate in Akasaka.

This salt, of course, tastes good. In the case of curd chocolate, the way you feel the taste changes greatly depending on whether you eat it with salt on top or bottom, so I would like you to try your favorite way of eating.


"Tanegashima brown sugar"I found it when I was searching for food rooted in the area with the keyword "slow food". He is attracted to brown sugar made from sugar cane made by traditional farming methods and started using it.Like Alibaba Cacao, we have a desire to protect the local food that is made by traditional farming and manufacturing methods.

The rich taste of brown sugar minerals gives it a salty feel, which is an accent to chocolate. My favorite flavor, the gentle sweetness goes well with Alibaba cacao.


Alibaba cacao can be both a leading character and a supporting character

The ingredients are topped on the card chocolate, but is the leading role alibacao? Or is it a material such as salt or brown sugar?

According to Mr. Ezawa, "the leading role depends on the flavor".
Because it is Mamano Chocolate that handles only Alibaba cacao, we have finished it as a product that you can enjoy the goodness of Ariba cacao, which can be both a leading role and a supporting role.

I feel that the goodness of Mamano Chocolate's Ali Bakao is that it has a good balance of bitterness, sweetness, and the gorgeousness peculiar to Ariba Cacao. It has a crisp bitterness, but at the same time it has a chocolate-like sweetness, and it has a soft and soft scent that cannot be felt with commercially available chocolate. The balance leads to compatibility with various materials.

Mamano Chocolate's proud card chocolate. If you are interested, please try it.


Next time, we will ask Chef Homma, the chief chocolatier of Mamano Chocolate, about the new flavors of card chocolate, "Ethiopian coffee" and "Tartary buckwheat noodles"!


Written by Kadekawa Mizuki
Mamano Chocolate Story Teller. It's a chocolate nerd.