1/7 (Sat) 2023 Cacao Harvest Festival!! What is the taste of cacao thi – ママノチョコレート
1/7(土)2023年カカオ収穫祭!! 今年のカカオのお味は? エクアドルの発酵乾燥センターからお届け!

1/7 (Sat) 2023 Cacao Harvest Festival!! What is the taste of cacao this year? Delivered from Ecuador's Fermentation and Drying Center!

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We will connect Japan online with the Fermentation and Drying Center of the cacao union Winyak in the Ecuadorian rainforest!
The 2023 Cacao Harvest started in December.
The Cacao Fermentation and Drying Center has also started full-scale operation.

From 2022, we will introduce new equipment and work with the union to research and improve the number of fermentation days.
Not only Mamano's customers, but also those who like chocolate, those who are interested in cacao, those who are interested in fermented drying, those who are interested in the nature of the Amazon, etc. I would appreciate it if you could.

On the day of the event, I would like to have fun while receiving impressions and questions at any time!
By seeing the process of fermenting and drying the cacao, not only will Mamano's chocolates taste even better, but when you give them as gifts, you can say, "This chocolate is..." and have a fun conversation. I wish I could.

↑Relay from this place

Tool: Zoom (link will be sent to those who apply)
Format: I would like to proceed happily while receiving questions from the participants.
We look forward to your participation!

About Mamano Chocolate

We, Mamano, are a chocolate shop that offers "chocolate that lives with the forest."
Since 2013, we have been collaborating with the indigenous farmers' association in the Ecuadorian rainforest region to conserve the diversity of cacao varieties and improve the quality of cacao for about 10 years. Thanks to our close relationship with the local people, we are able to deliver to our customers genuine chocolates with rare and gorgeous aromas and complexity.

Our brands are characterized by protecting rainforests, protecting traditional cocoa varieties, contributing to climate change mitigation, protecting the rights of smallholder farmers, contributing to farmer development, Transparency underpins them. Introducing our concept of “sustainability”.

1. Conservation of cacao variety diversity
One of our goals is to buy traditional varieties of cocoa at a higher price and to motivate farmers who harvest them to continue harvesting them.

Second, biodiversity and deforestation
The cacao handled by Mamano is not the so-called monoculture, but the cacao cultivated using traditional Agfoforestry farming methods. In this farming method, many kinds of crops are cultivated in a form similar to that of a natural rainforest, and since no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used, it has a positive impact on the land, rivers, and seas, as well as on animals and nature.

Third, climate change
Traditional agroforestry farming does not require trees to be cut down to harvest cocoa, thus maintaining forests that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to mitigate climate change.

Our policy is to deliver delicious chocolate in a sustainable way.