Notice of opening of "Ome Kobo" – ママノチョコレート

Notice of opening of "Ome Kobo"

We will start chocolate production at Ome Kobo from the beginning of April 2019.
From 2013, Akasaka Mitsuke Kobo, which I have been attached to, will gradually reduce production and switch to Ome Kobo.

Chocolate production in a 2.7 tsubo workshop that started alone in 2013 as "the world's smallest chocolate workshop". We have made various efforts to provide customers with various chocolates up to the current scale.

Six years ago, while manufacturing in a 2.7 tsubo workshop, when a customer came, I stopped and served customers and sold chocolate.
The number of customers visiting the store was less than one-tenth of what it is now.
At that time, I remembered all of our customers as if they were regular customers.

Only two customers who happened to go through and purchase on the day of the pre-opening on January 31, 2013, calling their relatives.

The next day, a customer who scolded me that "this package cannot be sold in Akasaka".

Customers who visit our store for a long time with their families and write a message in "Mama Note" every time.

A child customer who gave a score of "30,000 points" to MAMANO's raw chocolate.

Customers who casually stopped by and supported us.

We have received the support of many customers.

MAMANO CHOCOLATE, whose vision is "to bring real cacao to the earth in 1,000 years", uses rare and sustainable aliba cacao to deliver more delicious chocolates to customers so that they can smile even more. , The workshop was relocated.

Thank you to all the people who have been involved so far.

Sincerely and sincerely, we will make delicious and sustainable chocolate, so please look forward to it.

About sales

At the moment, it will not be sold at Ome Kobo.
We would like to hold workshops once the manufacturing system is in place.

Address / Access

4-8-9 Morooka-cho, Ome-shi, Tokyo
Wako Mansion 101

TEL: We do not have a telephone number, so please call the Akasaka Mitsuke Main Store (03-6441-2744).
Access: 6 minutes walk from Kabe Station on the Ome Line

Members Wanted

We are always looking for challenging chocolatiers and pastry chefs.
You can visit the workshop at any time, so please let us know.


Will it be manufactured at Akasaka Mitsuke Kobo for about a week? Please come by all means if you like.