New product "astrio" of dried persimmon and chocolate is now available – ママノチョコレート

New product "astrio" of dried persimmon and chocolate is now available

New products of dried persimmon and chocolate on Wednesday, March 17, 2021Ast ア ス ト リ オ (star)We will start pre-order sales. Over-the-counter sales are scheduled to start on March 19th (Friday).

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(ス ト リ オ (astrio)What is

A creative chocolate confectionery with chocolate ganache in a dried persimmon bowl.

Chocolatier Honma is a specialty that has been warmed up for many years by stuffing ganache with special ingredients such as smoked black tea, red wine barrel aged whiskey, and alibaca cacao. 

Dried persimmon, smoked black tea, whiskey, and chocolate all contain a lot of astringent ingredient "tannin". The astringency of dried persimmon, smoked black tea, and whiskey resonate with each other, and the chocolate is the center of the chocolate.

The unique ganache is wrapped in dried persimmons made from Shonai persimmons from Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture. The deliciousness of dried persimmon is outstanding. In addition, it has a firmness that makes it a vessel, but it melts in the mouth and creates a sense of unity with ganache.

Product name(ア ス ト リ オ (astrio) 』Origin of

The astringent, which means astringent in French, and the trio are combined to form "astrio".

how to eat

Please enjoy it slowly by cutting it with a knife while it is chilled in the refrigerator.

Immediately after purchase, the flavor of each material stands out, and as the days go by, the dried persimmon and ganash become familiar and the angle becomes more unified, so you can enjoy it in different ways to your liking.

This is the recommended drink to match.

・ Black tea (Darjeeling, etc.)

・ Whiskey (aged in sherry barrels or bourbon barrels with a mild taste)

・ Sake (sweet and dry)

Product development secret story

Homma: Among the products developed by Mamano, this product took a long time from conception to commercialization. Although the persimmon and tea mariage had an image for a long time, it is delicious but unsatisfactory just by combining them. I was feeling it.

About smoked black tea  

I met Mr. Kaneroku Matsumotoen of Shizuoka two years ago and learned that "smoked black tea" is as popular as whiskey in the UK, and I was very attracted to the first domestically produced smoked black tea made by Mr. Matsumotoen in Japan.

In the process of making smoked black tea, it is possible to give different flavors depending on the wood (chips) used for smoking, but this time we will use crushed barrel material that has been used for decades for aging Japanese whiskey and has finished its role. Chip.

 Smoked black tea smoked with chips soaked in whiskey to a level where you can feel alcohol, you can feel a unique smoked scent different from peach (peat scent), and the mellow scent of Japanese black tea and the pleasant astringency of tannins mix. , I feel the one and only flavor.

About dried persimmon  

Originally, dried persimmons are Japanese sweets that are unique to Japan and have a condensed sweetness by applying traditional treatment to persimmons that are too astringent to eat because of their strong tannins. This time, I used dried persimmons from Shonai persimmon from Tsuruoka, Yamagata prefecture.

Of course, the deliciousness of dried persimmon was outstanding, but when using it to confine chocolate in the persimmon, until I encountered a persimmon that has both the hardness that can be established as a container and the softness that creates a sense of unity with ganache with exquisite melting in the mouth. I had a hard time.

About whiskey  

The whiskey used for ganache is Japanese whiskey that has been aged in French oak red wine barrels. In addition to the flavor components of the original whiskey, the astringency of tannins derived from wine barrels is added to create a fruity and complex flavor. We hope you enjoy it. "

product Overview

Price: 1500 yen per piece (tax included)

Package: Transparent bag packaging

Expiration date: Delivered in 3 days or more

Storage method: Refrigerate

Sale: Online shop, Akasaka Mitsuke store