✨ 1/21 (Friday) 20:00 Reservation starts ✨ [6 pieces / Premium blue bo – ママノチョコレート
【6個入り/Premium青箱】神様の大粒生チョコレート -ジャンフィユー50年熟成コニャック-【数量限定】

✨ 1/21 (Friday) 20:00 Reservation starts ✨ [6 pieces / Premium blue box] God's large raw chocolate -Janfiyu 50 years aged cognac- [Limited quantity]

We would like to introduce the 2022 Valentine's Day limited edition products.

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Introducing cognac

Cognac region, FranceWe use Jean-Fieu's cognac, which is a Proprietaire (self-produced) cognac made using only home-grown grapes in the Grand Champagne area, which is considered to be the best soil in Japan.

Very valuable among themAged for over 50 yearsFrom the premium grades that have been made, we have carefully selected the sake that best matches the taste of Mamano's Alibaba cacao.

The taste of cognac

50 years long-term agingProduced fromOverwhelming complexity and maturity, Tropical fruit described as Lancio scent, violet-like floral, dark chocolate bitterness, honey-like sweetness, gentleness that does not make you feel high alcohol content, and a long-lasting finish.

The taste of raw chocolate

In order to make the best use of these characteristics of cognac, we adjusted the basic aliba chocolate to a chocolate formulation that did not have too much bitterness and had an appropriate sweetness, and the chocolate and cognac were different from each other.Complex floral scent, sweetness reminiscent of apricots and dried figs, bitterness like Sicilian almondsYou can feel.

20-30 minutes before room temperature

For chocolate made with Mamano liquor, we recommend that you take the time to keep it at room temperature 20 to 30 minutes before you eat it, in order to enjoy its various flavors to the maximum. This raw chocolate is especially at room temperature. We recommend that you eat it afterwards.

After 50 years of aging, cognac has almost no alcohol splinters or punches, and its delicate and gentle aroma spreads gently, so if it is too cold, the goodness of long-ripened cognac will disappear in the mouth before it stands out.

As a gift for those who are not good at alcohol but like liquor chocolate

If you don't like alcohol but like chocolate, you can confidently recommend it.

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