New texture! I actually ate and reported on the high cacao chocolate c – ママノチョコレート

New texture! I actually ate and reported on the high cacao chocolate cookie "Akato Ao".


Hello chocolate lovers!

Newly Mamano chocolatestory tellerJoined the members asChocolate Otaku Kadekawais. Today, I would like to introduce the taste of Mamano's new face, the high cacao cookie "Akato Ao", and the recommended way to eat it.

What is a storyteller?

It is a job to tell the important story (ethics, commitment, feelings, etc.) for the company inside and outside the company.It has the role of verbalizing and appropriately telling stories that cannot be fully archived, which cannot be conveyed only by speaking verbally.

Why is it "Aka to Ao"?

The reason is bigTwoThere seems to be.

1. Because red and blue are contained in "Akasaka" where the main store is located and "Ome" where the workshop is located.

2. The ability to express a rich taste with three ingredients is likened to the three primary colors red and blue.

By the way, the name "Akato Ao", which was proposed by the representative, was opposed internally as "not like a chocolate cookie".

However, I feel that the combination of chocolate and cookies, meltable and insoluble, and sweets with seemingly opposite properties is perfect for the name "Aka to Ao". A single cookie expresses a new taste and texture created from simple ingredients so that red and blue are mixed to create a beautiful purple color.


Even though it is a cookie, it has a new texture that melts in your mouth!

Try itWhat surprised me was this texturewas.

It's not crispy, and it doesn't melt like raw chocolate. As I chewed it in my mouth, it melted before I knew it ... It had a strange texture.

I would like you to actually eat and experience this texture.


I want to eat chocolate even in the hot summer!

I understand ... I understand! Even in the summer, it's hot and I want to eat chocolate. However, it is unexpectedly difficult to carry a chocolate bag in the middle of summer while paying close attention to the ice pack.

It's okay if you have too long to carry around to buy chocolates in Akasaka.Drawstring type with 3 piecesBox type with 7/13/26 sheetsThere is also, so it is also suitable for inserting.

"Akato Ao" is fragrant and tasty.It's almost chocolate!Even though it's cacaoI'm really grateful that it doesn't melt.I want it at convenience stores nationwide (impossible)


Hot drinks are recommended if you drink together

If you want to combine a drink with "Aka to Ao",Hot drinks such as coffee and teaIs recommended. Not only does it improve the mouthfeel, but the combination enhances the flavor of the chocolate cookie.

I tried to make tea at home. Darjeeling First Flush, from Sanguma Farm. (By the way, this black tea goes well with chocolate!)

The sourness peculiar to cacao came out from the chocolate cookie, and it was more delicious.


It's delicious for the time being.

Isn't this the important thing for sweets?
Mamano's new chocolate cookie "Akato Ao" is delicious. I recommend.

Kyun personally! The point is that not only the taste but also the aroma is good. The rich aroma of chocolate is alive in cookies. It is irresistible for chocolate lovers and cacao lovers.

If you are interested, please pick it up.

See "Akato Ao" in the online shop