One bag of 150g of cacao let drops can be used to "conserve about 57㎡ of tropical rainforest".

Cocoa and rainforest conservation

All cacao purchased by Mamano Chocolate is owned by the Winyac Cooperative in the Ecuadorian rainforest.traditional agroforestry farmingWe use cacao grown in

Owned by 263 households who are full members of the Winyak CooperativeThe total area of chakra plantations and natural forests is approximately 6,088 hectaresThe area where cacao and guayusa (tea) are grown is about 126 hectares.


Preserving forests with cash income from cacao

Income from this 126-hectare cocoa plantationBecause of this, I am able to make a living without cutting down timber from the vast rainforest that surrounds the farm and turning it into cash income.

1 bag of 150g cocoa olelet dropsuse for2 cocoa pods = about 80 cocoa beansGrains.

Approximately 400 cacao trees on one hectare of chakra plantationis growing,Approximately 40 cocoa pods from one cocoa treecan be harvested.


Conserve about 57 square meters of rainforest with one bag of chocolate

By calculatingConserve about 57 square meters of rainforest with one bag of chocolateYou can think that it is connected to doing.

everyone is invited1 bag of chocolateHowever, in reality, not only cacao farms,Helping protect vast tropical rainforestsI would be happy if you could know that.


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