11/26 (Sat) Two types of new raw chocolate will be released at the sam – ママノチョコレート
11/26(土) 2種類の新作生チョコが同時発売!カカオの収穫年の違いを表現した『赤い果実』『南国の風』。どちらも来年2月頃までの期間限定販売を予定。

11/26 (Sat) Two types of new raw chocolate will be released at the same time! “Akai Kajitsu” and “Southern Wind” express different cacao harvest years. Both are scheduled to be sold for a limited time until around February next year.

Mamano Chocolate's large, smooth chocolate that does not use cocoa powderNew products & limited-time products for raw chocolateis here!

Maximize the characteristics of the cacao harvested in 2021 and the cacao harvested in 2022At the same time, we have created a high-quality raw chocolate that will make you smile with one bite.

All cacao is sourced from the Winyac Association, which consists of 263 farmers of the Quechua indigenous people of the Ecuadorian rainforest region.The highest quality is achieved through detailed communication with local members in all processes, such as varieties, collection, fermentation, and drying.is pursuing

Of course cocoaOrganic farming with traditional varieties, because it is cultivated with a farming method that increases the forestno deforestation, for family farmers where all members hold their land independentlyNo Child Labor or Forced Labor

We believe that eating chocolate can support forests, support indigenous people, lead to one small action against climate change, and contribute to the future of people and the earth.

"God's Large Grained Chocolate" Red fruit” 6 pieces (Ariba cacao harvested in 2022)

A fresh fruity feeling with a pleasant acidity like red berries and a bitter feeling reminiscent of Sicilian almonds spreads in your mouth with just the right amount of astringency of tannin.

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"God's Large Grained Chocolate" tropical wind] 6 pieces (Ariba cacao harvested in 2021)

The mellow aroma of ripe bananas and the exotic and elegant finish reminiscent of tropical flowers. Plump sweetness reminiscent of Piedmont hazelnuts.

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Please enjoy the fusion of the technique of a chocolatier that draws out the flavor of the ingredients and the best rare ariba cacao made while preserving the forest, people and tradition!