We have prepared Mother's Day limited wrapping. – ママノチョコレート

We have prepared Mother's Day limited wrapping.

May 8th is Mother's Day.
Would you like to give Mamano chocolate with your daily gratitude?

At Mamano, we matched the popular gift items"Mother's Day Limited Wrapping"We have prepared.
The target products are as follows.

・ God's large raw chocolate brandy / Hokkaido milk [3 pieces, 6 pieces, 10 pieces]
・ Bonbon Chocolat Ariva Assortment 6 pieces
・ Card chocolate [5 pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces, 40 pieces]
・ Ariba chocolate cookie dark [7 pieces, 13 pieces, 26 pieces]

* Some of the above items are out of stock. Please note

【How to use】
·online shop
Of the order cartProduct name and quantity desired for Mother's Day wrapping in the remarks columnPlease describe.

・ Layaway form
Wrapping hopeEnter the product / quantity in the "Other requests" column.Please describe in.
The form isHere

We also accept orders at stores, so please ask the staff.

We also accept the inclusion of message cards.
If you wish, please write a message in the remarks column of the order cart. We will print it on Mamano's postcard and deliver it with the product.

We look forward to your use.