Redesigned bonbon chocolate design and recipe. We are announcing 6 new – ママノチョコレート

Redesigned bonbon chocolate design and recipe. We are announcing 6 new flavors!

Thank you for your continued patronage of Mamano Chocolate ☺️

Today, we are pleased to inform you that the design and recipe of Mamano's bonbon chocolate has been redesigned so that you can enjoy it even more deliciously 🎉


Bonbon chocolate is a bite-sized chocolate filled with various flavors of ganache. From the time of its founding, Mamano has wanted to provide bonbon chocolate that can deliver such an exciting feeling that jewels are packed when the box is opened.

In this recipe and design renewal, we are more particular about the ingredients and manufacturing method, and we have finished it so that you can enjoy the gorgeous scent like the fruit of Alibaba cacao.


All 6 flavors

There are 6 flavors, the same as before.

  • Suite
  • Salt
  • Argan oil
  • Japanese honey bee honey
  • passion fruit
  • Hazelnuts

Every flavorNo lecithin, additives, preservatives or fragrancesis. I reviewed all the recipes.


Sticking to the ingredients and changing the production area and recipe

The ganache material used for bonbon chocolate spreads directly in the mouth. We are particular about the ingredients so that you can feel the taste of the ingredients more easily.



It is a dish that you can directly feel the fruity scent of Alibaba cacao.Sherry barrel aged single malt whiskeyIt is finished using.



I changed to salt from a land called "Guerande" in Brittany, France. The salt produced here is characterized by a traditional method that uses almost no machinery. The salt made from sun-dried fish called "fleur de sel" has large crystals, which makes it easier to feel the salty taste when combined with chocolate. In addition, the ganache is finished with tequila so that the taste spreads in your mouth.


Argan oil

Argan oil is often used for beauty in Japan. It is also popular as an edible product in authentic Morocco. It has a color like olive oil and aroma like sesame oil. Ganache is mixed with alcohol to enhance the aroma and deliciousness of argan oil.


Japanese honey bee honey

Compared to conventional ganache, we use a manufacturing method that allows you to feel the scent and sweetness of honey more strongly. Bourbon aged in new barrels is used to create a fragrant finish. The scent of honey and the unique scent of bourbon barrels combine to create a vanilla-like scent. The moment you brew it in your mouth, the ganache melts and you can enjoy the natural sweetness of honey.


passion fruit

The material is switched to domestic production and uses passion fruit from Tanegashima. Of course, the sweetness of passion fruit, which is delicious even if eaten as it is, is trapped in chocolate as it is. By using vodka, the taste becomes easier to spread in the mouth.



It is handmade by Mamano from the praline used for ganache. Based on the home-roasted hazelnut paste, it has a more crispy praline texture and a pleasant texture. Hazelnuts do not use alcohol.


The crush when you open the box

With this recipe renewal, the design of the chocolate dome has also changed. I would like everyone to experience the excitement of opening the chocolate box.


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