National roasted cacao nibs [released on Sunday, January 9] – ママノチョコレート

National roasted cacao nibs [released on Sunday, January 9]

"Cacao Nibs" will be on sale from January 9, 2022 (Sun)!
(On sale from January 11th (Tuesday) at Akasaka Mitsuke store) 

What is cacao nibs?

"Cacao nibs" is the content of cocoa beans from which the shells of cocoa beans have been removed.It's called. This product is made by roasting and crushing dried cacao beans, a rare national variety (Aliba cacao), which is a traditional Ecuadorian variety.Roasted cacao nibsam.

Like all Mamano chocolates,Traditional agroforestry farming method (chakra farming method) that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizersWe use cocoa beans grown by cocoa farmers in the Amazon rainforest.

If you eat it as it isGorgeous national scent and nut scentYou can enjoy.

You can enjoy it deliciously even if you use it as an ingredient for ice cream, yogurt, cookies, salads, and dishes.

If you put a small amount of sugar and cacao nibs together in your mouth, you can enjoy it as crunchy chocolate ✨



* Hard germs and cacao shells may be mixed, so please remove them before eating. If you chew it forcibly, there is a risk that your teeth will be chipped.


How can I make cacao nibs?

The person who is interested is "Until Mamano chocolate is made"Please refer to the!


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