2022 New Year Greetings – ママノチョコレート

2022 New Year Greetings

Happy new year.
We will do our best to deliver chocolates that will please everyone this year as well. We look forward to working with you this year as well. I wish you a wonderful year!


New product announcement

60% cacao of cacao let drops, which is perfect for snacks, is now on sale!

There are 25g, 200g, and 1kg bags in sizes.

As a result of making fine adjustments to the recipe using beans harvested in 2021Blue banana, ripe fruit, nuts, coconut, tropical, floralIt became a chocolate that you can feel for a long time.


Drops 73% End of Sale Notice

With the start of sales of 60% Drops, 73% Drops will be sold out of stock. Please purchase while it is in stock!


New Year 5% points reduction start!

From 2022/1/5 to 1/31, 5% points will be returned when using the online shop.
Normally, 1% of the purchase price will be redeemed for points, but orders during January will be redeemed for 5%! Please use it during this period.


New work schedule

We are planning to announce several new works by January 20th.

first,60% series of curd chocolate using 2021 harvested beansWill be released.73% of card chocolates will end onceam. The flavor of the base cocoa beans is now fruity and floral, so taking advantage of that feature, all chocolate recipes will change little by little.

The 70% level dark chocolate will be manufactured and sold again after March after receiving feedback from everyone in January and February.

As a limited edition product at Isetan Shinjuku, 3 types of raw chocolate, 6 pieces (tea, milk, dark) are on sale.I will do it. Detail isShinjuku Isetan Valentine WebsitePlease refer to the.

As a Valentine's product, a rare Japanese whiskey distilleryTwo types of bonbon chocolate using cask strengthWhen,Raw chocolate using 50-year-old cognacWe are planning to sell.

We are working to start reservations by January 20th, so please look forward to it!