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Recommended pairing of chocolate and whiskey

Hello, this is Mamano Homma!

The Japanese single malt whiskey chocolate has been very well received, and many whiskey rubbers have responded, so Chef Homma is from Mamano's regular lineup.Recommended products for whiskey pairingI will introduce you! 

Card chocolate

From the card chocolate, we recommend "salt," "tartary buckwheat noodles," and "maple.""Ariba chocolate topped with salt with a gentle taste of Yoron Island"Card chocolate salt"" Is excellently compatible with whiskey that can imagine the scent of "tide" such as Islay, Islands, and Campbeltown!

The strong chocolate scent and salt stimulus that accept the strength of whiskey's individuality are addictive.

"Ariba chocolate topped with buckwheat noodles from Hokkaido"Card chocolate buckwheat noodles] Is recommended to be paired with smooth Irish whiskey without peat! Enjoy the scent of fragrant buckwheat noodles and the scent of gorgeous whiskey.

Ariva chocolate topped with Canadian maple sugar "Card chocolate maple"" Is a good match for sherry-aged whiskey and bourbon with a rich barrel feel! Both have a common sweetness, and deeply resonate with the rich sweetness of maple, so you can enjoy a very rich taste.



Raw chocolate is "Raw chocolate Hokkaido milkIs recommended!

Milk chocolate pavé chocolate, which is a blend of aliba chocolate and milk produced by receiving plenty of the blessings of the earth of Hokkaido, has a sweetness like caramel and a richness like milk to drink at the ranch, and a vanilla feeling derived from whiskey barrels. The compatibility with is perfect!

The gentle sweetness that wraps everything enhances the scent of whiskey.

Raw chocolate sauce

For each of the products introduced so far, we selected the type of whiskey and selected the combination, but "Raw chocolate sauce"Does not choose the type of whiskey!

This sauce, which allows you to easily enjoy the taste of Ariva chocolate, has a deep nostalgia, and you can easily complete the finest sweets by mixing it with your favorite whiskey and sprinkling it on vanilla ice cream or pancakes.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy higher-grade whiskey sweets!

Precautions on how to eat in pairing

Melting in the mouth is important to maximize the aroma of chocolate, and as with whiskey, if the temperature is low, the aroma will not spread and the original taste cannot be exhibited. If you pair with, the original potential will be demonstrated.

This is just an example, and we hope you all enjoy your own pairing!

Mamano Chocolate will continue to develop products that allow you to enjoy delicious chocolate and whiskey, so stay tuned!


Chef Chocolatier Yusaku Homma


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