Valentine's 2021 limited product "Japanese Single Malt Whiskey 6 Kinds – ママノチョコレート

Valentine's 2021 limited product "Japanese Single Malt Whiskey 6 Kinds x Alibaba Cacao Bonbon Chocolat" is open for reservation now!

* This item has been sold out.
In addition, it will be on sale in limited quantities each day at the "Isetan Sweets Collection" from February 5th.
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In 2021, Mamano Chocolate's Valentine's limited edition products are now available!

Chocolatier's Yusaku Homma visits distilleries around the world6 kinds of discerning Japanese whiskeyI chose it and finished it in a bonbon chocolate.Depth of expression of the creatorIt is a special chocolate that you can feel.

Limited sale at Akasaka Mitsuke store and Isetan Shinjuku store. As the number is limited, please make a reservation as soon as possible. ((Over-the-counter sales are scheduled for January 28th or later

Also, from 11:00 to 11:30 on Sunday, February 7th,Buyer-only online eventto hold. The event application form is described on the product page. We will send the invitation URL to the person who filled it out.

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Introducing chocolate

Among the exciting Japanese whiskeys, especiallySingle malt whiskey that clearly shows the characteristics of the distillery, 6 types are carefully selected while considering compatibility with Ecuadorian organic alibaca cacao, and it is a limited product of Valentine 2021 that you can eat and compare with bonbon chocolate.

Pay attention to the mariage of the flavors of Alibaba cacao and each whiskey,Fine-tune with a balance that maximizes individual characteristicsWas piled up.

Malt whiskey is also a simple material called barley and water, but the manufacturing process and land of each distillery so that even if the chocolate is the same cacao, various flavors and tastes can be expressed by the variety, growing environment, and various processes until it becomes chocolate. It produces a wide variety of flavors and flavors depending on the water and barrel aging environment in which it grows. I hope you enjoy it while feeling the common mystery.

It is recommended to take it out of the refrigerator and eat it in 20 minutes.

Whiskey has the most aroma at room temperature, so it is recommended that you take the bonbon chocolate out of the refrigerator and consume it about 20 minutes later. It will be easier to pick up the characteristics of each flavor.

Recommended order of eating

As for the order of eating, it is recommended to eat the three types of bitter ganache first because the milk ganache flavor masks the tongue.

Especially recommended orderAzumi → Akkeshi → Yamazaki → Tsunuki → Yoichi → Chichibuis.

Azumi feels the refreshing acidity and bitterness of eating lemon with its skin, and the sweetness of fragrant wheat, leading to a beautiful aftertaste.

Akkeshi feels a refreshing acidity in the first half, and peat and spicy flavors rush in from the middle stage.

Yamazaki has a dignified personality in which the concentrated sweetness of raisins and prunes reverberates for a long time from the beginning.

Tsunuki feels the vanilla and astringency derived from the barrel, and runs through powerfully with the afterglow that makes you feel the fruit of the tropical country.

In Yoichi, the sweetness of the new barrel, which has a firm barrel feel, is mixed with the scent of the tide, and the moderate peat echoes as a pleasant lingering finish.

When Chichibu feels the sweetness of the barrel, he soon feels a strong peat, which leads to a refreshing and beautiful finish like green apples and herbs.

Chocolatier comment

This whiskey bon bon was developed with the aim of further expanding the overall taste by adding the flavor of alibaca cocoa while making the best use of the characteristics of each whiskey.

Chichibu, Tsunuki, and Yoichi are finished with ganache with a strong milky feeling, and Akkeshi, Azumi, and Yamazaki are finished with ganache with a strong bitterness.

I would like to introduce a little about the criteria for each selection.

The three types summarized in milk ganache have a strong sense of the sweetness of vanilla derived from barrels as a common item, so it was judged to match the milky taste. It was judged that the three varieties summarized in Bitter Ganash each have a direct floral scent of Ariva to support the delicate scents such as sherry barrels, red wine barrels, wheat and citrus.

The ingredients used for bonbon chocolate are all the same, the only difference is whiskey.
(Since the frequency etc. differs depending on the whiskey, the amount of whiskey is finely adjusted depending on the type.)

The most interesting of the 6 kinds of eating comparisons this time isThe 1st release of the first three-year aging of a distillery where Akkeshi, Azumi, and Tsunuki were born at the same time.That is. While spending the same time axis, spending three years in a completely different aging environment that straddles Hokkaido, Fukushima, Kagoshima and the Japanese archipelago, whiskey has a completely different effect, and the taste is also very different.

Akkeshi, which has one of the lowest average temperatures in Japan, matures slowly, while Azumi, which is located in the center of the basin in the Tohoku region and has a large temperature difference, is well-balanced. Aging progresses quickly.

In addition, Chichibu clearly feels Chichibu taste while making heavy pete, Yoichi feels the sweetness of the synonymous new barrel and the scent of the tide, Yamazaki feels the masterpiece of maturity and the deep sweetness of sherry, the same Japan Enjoy the joy of tasting such a different and delicious whiskey with the chocolate mariage.


Buyer-only online event

● Schedule and contents

February 7 (Sun) 11:00-11:30

Chef Chocolatier Yusaku Homma introduces 6 types of Japanese whiskey bonbons one by one. Enjoy the deep world of cacao, chocolate and whiskey! I'm planning on Google Meet or Zoom.

● Items to be used on the day
・ PC, smartphone, internet line
・ 6 kinds of Japanese whiskey bonbon chocolate you purchased
・ Your favorite drink (water recommended)

● Speaker
Yusaku Homma
Mamano Chocolate Chef Chocolatier

● Profile
He started his training when he was 19 years old and has been a pastry chef for 14 years.
Joined Mamano in January 2019.
My hobbies are traveling and snowboarding.
I love whiskey.

If you would like to participate, please fill out this form.

Product information

Content: 6
price3,000 yen (tax included)
expiry dateDelivered in 7 days or more
keepRefrigerate at 5-10 degrees
Raw materialsChocolate (Ecuador), cream, whiskey, butter, water candy, converted sugar, whole milk powder / sunflower lecithin, coloring agent (cocoa butter, titanium dioxide, yellow 4, red 40, blue 1, blue 2)
Nutritional ingredientsEstimated value per box: energy 190.32cal, protein 1.51g, fat 11.38g, carbohydrate 14.24g, salt equivalent 0.01g