[Sales start on 1/20] God's large raw chocolate (strawberry bitter) 6 – ママノチョコレート

[Sales start on 1/20] God's large raw chocolate (strawberry bitter) 6 pieces

We will release a limited number of raw strawberry chocolate on 1/20 (Monday).

The strawberry sweet that was released last time had a milky taste centered on strawberries so that even children could easily eat it, but this time the strawberry pavé chocolate is"Strawberry bitter"As the product name saysWhile focusing on the solid and rich taste of dark chocolate, it combines the gorgeous aroma of alibaca cao with the acidity and flavor of strawberries.

It has a cute appearance finished with freeze-dried strawberries. We make it in a limited quantity, so please take this opportunity to enjoy it. It will be on sale at the store on the same day!

Food representation
Product name: God's raw chocolate 6 pieces (strawberry bitter) Name: chocolate raw material name: chocolate liquor (cocoa liquor, sugar, cacao butter), strawberry, water candy, butter, raw cream, converted sugar, spicy, dri Enter Storage method: Refrigerate at 10 ℃ or less Manufacturer: Mamano Chocolate (Chocolate Co., Ltd.) 4-8-9 Morooka-cho, Oume-shi, Tokyo Expiration date: Delivered in 8 days or more


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