3/27 (Sun) 13: 30- 8 kinds of Japanese whiskey (equivalent to 6000 yen – ママノチョコレート
3/27(日)13時30分〜 ジャパニーズウイスキー8種(6000円相当)のボンボンショコラテイスティングセミナー@赤坂見附 開催いたします。

3/27 (Sun) 13: 30- 8 kinds of Japanese whiskey (equivalent to 6000 yen) Bonbon Chocolat Tasting Seminar @ Akasaka Mitsuke will be held.

A "tasting seminar" will be held at Akasaka Mitsuke on Sunday, March 27, 2022.

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Tasting chocolate is Japanese whiskey6 kinds of bonbon chocolate (equivalent to 3000 yen) and 2 kinds of single cask whiskey of Ichiro Suzuki (equivalent to 3000 yen)is.

* The photo shows the previous 6 types of bonbon tasting seminar.


7 Distilleries All 8 types of distillery whiskey were selected by the chocolatier himself.

We will introduce the characteristics of Alibaba cacao, how to draw out the characteristics of each sake, the difficulties in development, how to enjoy chocolate, etc. while slowly tasting one by one.

I hope that we can have a good time together while receiving the impressions from the participants each time.


Two types of single cask whiskey bonbon chocolate

Chichibu Distillery: Cask strength whiskey bonbon chocolate aged in Oroloso Sherry Spanish oak casks from "Ichiro Suzuki Malt".

Chichibu Distillery: Cask strength whiskey bonbon chocolate aged in the bourbon barrel of "Ichiro Suzuki Malt".



6 kinds of single malt whiskey bonbon chocolate

Akkeshi Distillery: Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whiskey Mangzhong
Asaka Distillery: Wild Cherry Blossom Japanese Single Cask Asaka Zodiac Label
Shinshu Distillery: Single Malt Komagatake 2021 Edition
Fuji Gotemba Distillery: Whiskey
Kosho Distillery: Single Malt Kosho 2021 First Edition
Tsunuki Distillery: Single Malt Tsunuki 2022 Edition


Event details

Schedule: March 27, 2022 (Sun)
Lecturer: Chef Chocolatier Yusaku Homma
"For this chocolate, I went to each distillery to see the production site, received a lot of commitment and enthusiasm in the interaction with the staff, and then how to express it with chocolate. It is a bonbon chocolate that has been thought out and finished. I will fully convey the charm of the one and only chocolate filled with such a lot of thoughts. "

Location: Space for rent around Akasaka Mitsuke Station (under consideration)
Time: 13: 30-14: 30
Membership fee: 5,000 yen
Ticket form: Email
The number of people: Around 8

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About infectious disease measures

Thank you for your cooperation in the following measures against corona infectious diseases. The participation fee will be refunded if the following conditions are met.

* If you do not participate without contacting us, we will not be able to refund you due to product preparation.


If you do not participate

  • If you are not feeling well (eg if you have symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat)
  • When there is a person who is suspected of being infected by a family member living together or a close acquaintance
  • If the government has restricted entry, traveled to a country or region that requires an observation period after entry, or had close contact with the resident within the past 14 days.


Requests for other general infectious disease measures

    • Bring a mask and wear a mask when talking
    • Frequent hand washing, disinfection of fingers with alcohol, etc.
    • Refrain from loud conversations during the event
    • Observe other measures and follow the instructions of the organizer
    • If a new coronavirus infection develops within 2 weeks after the event ends, promptly report to the organizer about the presence or absence of close contacts.


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