3/12 (Sat) [Free / Online] Agroforestry Alibaba Farm Tour in Ecuador – ママノチョコレート
3/12(土) [無料/オンライン]アグロフォレストリー アリバカカオ農園ツアー in エクアドル開催

3/12 (Sat) [Free / Online] Agroforestry Alibaba Farm Tour in Ecuador

Chocolate"Cacao"Many of you know that it is made from cacao, but I think that you have rarely seen an actual cacao plantation.

This time, we have planned an online tour for customers to experience the "beginning" of our chocolate. Translation is also included, so please feel free to join us in Japanese!

About online cacao tour

It will be a plan while interacting with the locals,Participation just by looking or listening is OKam.

Program of the day

① After a brief explanation of what the chakra farming method (agroforestry) is and what is the difference from general farming, observe the cacao trees and fruits.

② After that, you will have time to learn about other related plants and how to use them.

Of course, questions are always welcome! We look forward to your participation.

Event details

Date and time: Saturday, March 12, 2022 Japan time from 7:30 to 45 minutes (local Ecuador from 17:30 on March 11)

Time: 45 minutes

Cacao Farm: Rainforest Area Winak Union Farmer in Napo Province, Ecuador

Coordinator: Ecuador is in charge of Uri, Japan is in charge of representative Ezawa

Tool: Google Meet (A link will be sent to those who applied)

Format: I would like to have fun while receiving questions from the participants.

Local rain: Canceled

Message from the tour staff

Our cacao is traditional with high biodiversity"Agroforestry system"Is cultivated in.

I would like everyone to know what this really is like. (Of course, if you actually visit the farmer, you should be able to have a deeper experience.)

We will do our best to make the tour as enjoyable as possible on an online and interactive tour.

Our cocoa is grown in highly biodiverse, traditional agroforestry systems.
We love to give you an insight how this looks like in reality.
Of course the experience would be more intense if you would visit our farmers in person but
we try our best to make the virtual and interactive tour as interesting as possible.



👉 https://mamano-chocolate.com/products/tour0312