Blessing of orange x Alibaca chaos 73% New release with 6 pieces – MAMANO CHOCOLATE
オレンジの恵み×アリバカカオ73% 6枚入り新発売

Blessing of orange x Alibaca chaos 73% New release with 6 pieces

MAMANO's popular product "Orange Blessing"
After soaking the oranges from Valencia in sugar for a week to make them semi-dry so that the wet feeling remains as much as possible,
Fruit chocolate cut into semicircles and dipped in 73% alibaca cao chocolate.

It has a refreshing sharpness and a core sweetness.
You can feel the strong taste of orange throughout your tongue, and the refreshing scent of orange spreads with each bite.
The gorgeous scent when bitter chocolate begins to melt in the second half, and the feeling of happiness that orange and chocolate are well-balanced and complex.

It is an orange confit chocolate that you can feel happiness for a long time even after swallowing.
It goes well with coffee and tea, so please enjoy it.

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Food representation
Product name: 6 orange blessings
Name: chocolate
Ingredient names: Orange, sugar, chocolate (cocoa butter from Equadl, sugar, cocoa butter from Equadl), (part of the ingredients include milk) 
Contents: 6 pieces
Storage method: Cool and dark place below 21 ° C
Manufacturer: MAMANO (Coataro Co., Ltd.)
) 3-8-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 
expiry date: