Palette Chocolat Salty Nuts New Package! – ママノチョコレート
パレットショコラ ソルティナッツ新パッケージで登場!

Palette Chocolat Salty Nuts New Package!

"Palette chocolate" for you to enjoy the difference in the thickness of chocolate naturally.
This chocolate was developed with the intention of eating chocolate that is particular about the production area, farming method, taste, variety, and manufacturing technology, not only as a gift but also as a reward for yourself.

I am happy to eat chocolate that is as beautiful as jewelry. At the same time, the way to enjoy chocolate does not necessarily have to be both beautiful and delicious. 
I thought it would be okay to have "only delicious" chocolate, so I developed "Palette Chocolat".

"Palette" is the name of the tool used when making chocolate.
While thoroughly sticking to the alibaca cacao cultivated in the Amazon of Ecuador from farming to manufacturing, the final molding is only "pour chocolate on marble and stretch it with a pallet".

On the contrary, it is a costly manufacturing method when it is manufactured in a large factory.
It is a chocolate that can only be made at a handmade chocolate shop.

Naturally hardened chocolate has a different thickness.
Thickness is an important factor in changing the speed of melting in the mouth and the way the aroma stands when enjoying chocolate.

There are various thicknesses in one package, and we hope that you will enjoy the chocolate flavor that changes each time depending on the thickness when you put it in your mouth. 

The first palette chocolate is "Salty nuts".
Based on 73% cacao, we combined caramelised almonds, sea salt from Yoron Island, and granulated sugar.

The coarse texture of almonds, the crispy small texture of granulated sugar, the sweetness of 70% cacao chocolate with the addition of salt, the aroma of aliba cacao and the aroma of roasted almonds, and snacks. In addition, I hope you enjoy it as a reward.

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