"Ariba Cacao 77% Selected Forest Choco Drops" now on sale – ママノチョコレート
『アリバカカオ77%セレクテッド 森のチョコドロップス』販売開始

"Ariba Cacao 77% Selected Forest Choco Drops" now on sale

A new lineup has been added to the forest chocolate drops.

Let me introduce you.


Characteristics of 77% Chocolate

It is a chocolate that is easy to eat even though it is overall calm and high cacao of 77%.

Aroma: Slightly earthy, woody, dead leaves, calm, with a faint red fruit flavor in the back.

Taste: Subtle bitterness, soft sweetness.

Aftertaste: With a slightly remaining chocolate feeling

Texture: Slightly creamy impression.


For this chocolate development

This chocolatePickup May 13, 2022I use cocoa beans that have been processed.

Produced in Alchidona, Napo, Ecuador, beans harvested from 6 communities (Wamburla, Quinkiurcu, Ita, Nueva Estrella, Altoporoto, San Martin) located at an altitude of about 500-700m.All production areas are cultivated using chakra farming methods (agroforestry) that do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.are doing

The variety is usually a mixture of Criollo and Trinitario in a form close to natural cultivation, but this timeExperimentally, we set a rule to collect only Arriba variety (Cacao National Amazonia), raised the purchase price accordingly, and tried to create a new chocolate flavor with the cooperative and farmers.I was.

In the drying process, the cacao beans are spread out on a 1m-high drying table inside the tent and slowly dried in the sun in a hygienic environment. There is almost no "off-flavour" (unpleasant odor) because it is not affected by the adsorption of odors caused by exhaust gas or gas drying.

As a result, the 73% chocolate of the normal cocoa bean collection method harvested in February 2022 has a more complex taste, and this time it was not possible to bring out the flavor as expected, but as a result of one experiment , I hope everyone will enjoy this 77% chocolate.


Meaning of experimental cocoa sorting

The purpose of harvesting only the Arriba variety is to make farmers aware of the high value of this variety by purchasing it at a high price, and to avoid growing other varieties that yield a large yield but lack flavor. have a strong motive,Leading to the conservation of valuable breedsThat's what it means.

I would like to continue to search for a way to preserve the best flavor while conducting various experiments, while at the same time conserving varieties, preserving nature, and increasing the income of farmers.

Also, from this production, about 0.03% of sunflower lecithin has been added.


Also great for making sweets

Because each grain is small, it dissolves more easily in milk or fresh cream than bar chocolate, making it ideal for making sweets.

Please feel free to use it as an ingredient when making hot chocolate or chocolate at home. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as mixing it into cookies and scones.

Hot Chocolate Recipe Made with Cacaolette Drops

First, heat the milk to just before boiling and turn off the heat. Add the desired amount of cacaolette drops and sugar to the milk. Stir well with a mini whipper and pour into a cup. If you like, you can enjoy a different flavor by adding spices such as cinnamon and chili powder.

If you want to avoid caffeine, such as before going to bed, you can add more milk and less chocolate for a gentle taste and caffeine-free hot chocolate. Add more cacaolette drops and make it sugar-free for a satisfying, bitter hot chocolate that's perfect for breakfast.

We hope that Mamano's chocolate will be your daily source of energy.