[Document release] Learn about the difference between "fair trade and direct trade"!

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Date and time: 11/19 (Saturday) AM9:00-
Location: ONLINE
Event: Learn about the difference between "Fair Trade and Direct Trade"!

hello! This is Mamano Chocolate Ezawa.

Are you familiar with the term “fair trade”?
There are many opportunities to see the "Fair Trade" logo at supermarkets and grocery stores, so many people may know about Fair Trade.

★What is fair trade?
The 'Fairtrade' certificate is meant to guarantee compliance with certain requirements regarding social and environmental standards.
This certificate is issued by an international certification body that coordinates inspections and paperwork.

Many people don't know the details of the standards that the "Fair Trade" logo guarantees, and they don't trust that the products they buy come from a fair and sustainable value chain. Uka

★ Contents of this seminar
For about 10 years, Mamano has been on a fair and sustainable path that they think is good, in a form different from the fair trade system, through direct trading with the Ecuadorian Amazon union for about 10 years.

In this seminar, I would like to explain why Mamano chocolate and other products do not have fair trade certification, and how to ensure the environmental and social sustainability of our products = direct trade.

We do not deny the fair trade system, but rather recognize the merits and limitations of the fair trade system, and there are other sustainable methods. We would love to hear from you!

★About atmosphere
It's fine to just listen, but I think it would be nice if we could ask questions as needed, including simple questions, and proceed while discussing.

Ulrich Zebish
Mamano Latin America National Team

Kotaro Ezawa
Mamano representative

*Interpretation available