New release of "Palette Chocolat Tensai Sugar Crispy Chocolate and Uns – ママノチョコレート
「パレットショコラ てんさい糖のザクザクチョコレートと無加糖ドライフルーツ3種ミックス 」が新発売

New release of "Palette Chocolat Tensai Sugar Crispy Chocolate and Unsweetened Dried Fruit Mix"

Mamano chocolate and Berry's Garden's gentle sweetness mariage

"Card Chocolate Premium Fruit Series" that appeared for a limited time last year. This time, we have renewed the palette chocolate so that you can enjoy Alibaba cacao and dried fruits more easily.


The point of development is "warm kindness"

The dried fruit used is sugar-free domestic dried fruit from Fukushima's agri-brand "Berry's Garden". Since it is dried at low temperature for a long time without being exposed to wind, the taste and flavor remain.

Apples ... Dry apples from Fukushima where you can feel the umami of honey.
Peach ... Dried peach from Fukushima with a rich taste of condensed fruit juice
Orange ... Dry tangerine from Kumamoto that matches the bitterness of the skin and the sweetness of the flesh

For chocolate, Ariba chocolate is mixed with unrefined sugar from Hokkaido as it is with a moderate graininess. Speaking of the raw material of sugar, there is an image that it is made in a warm place, but this sugar made from beetroot grown in the frigid Hokkaido is characterized by a warm sweetness that also has the effect of warming the body.


The first palette chocolate. Separate chocolate and fruit

This product is different from the conventional pallet chocolate, and the ingredients are not topped on the chocolate. Tangerine has a sweet and sour taste in bitterness, peach has a gorgeous sweetness derived from white peach, apple has a moist and gentle sweetness, and chocolate has a pleasant warm sweetness with citrus sugar. Each material has a different delicate sweetness. By eating them alternately, you should be able to feel the "warm kindness".

The recommended situation is the sunny window

Here are some recommended ways to eat it. In a place where you can feel the warmth of the sun in your house, take chocolate and fruit alternately to your mouth without thinking about anything and chew on the kindness. One way to enjoy it is not to combine it with a drink this time, as the delicate afterglow will disappear. We hope that you will feel free to enjoy yourself by placing a chair on the veranda, basking in the sun by the window, and opening the curtain on the bed to make a goron.


▽ Process of mixing chocolate and ingredients and flowing

What is Palette Chocolat?

"Palette chocolate" is a chocolate that you can enjoy the difference in the thickness of chocolate naturally.

We have developed chocolate that is particular about the production area, farming method, taste, variety, and manufacturing technology, not only as a gift but also as a reward for yourself.

"palette"Is the name of the tool used when making chocolate.

▽ Process of stretching chocolate using a pallet

If you make it in a large factory, it is a costly manufacturing method, so it is a chocolate that can only be made at a handmade chocolate shop. Naturally hardened chocolate has a different thickness.

Thickness is an important factor in changing the speed of melting in the mouth and the way the aroma stands when enjoying chocolate.

There are various thicknesses in one package, and we hope that you will enjoy the chocolate flavor that changes each time depending on the thickness when you put it in your mouth.