Easy at home! "Hot Chocolate & Chocolate Cocktail" made with 100% Mama – ママノチョコレート
自宅で簡単!ママノのカカオマス100% アリバで作る「ホットチョコレート&チョコレートカクテル」

Easy at home! "Hot Chocolate & Chocolate Cocktail" made with 100% Mamano cocoa mass Ariva

Mamano Storyteller,Kadekawais.

Previous articleSo, I introduced Mamano's first 100% chocolate "Chocolate liquor 100% Ariva", but this time I would like to introduce a delicious recipe that can be done at home using this product.


Recommended hot chocolate as a substitute for breakfast or snacks

The first thing you should try is hot chocolate.

Until nowProduct page of "Cacao Let Drops 73% Ariva"The recipe was released at, but with the release of "Chocolate liquor 100% Ariva",More freedom to adjust the amount of sugarbecame.


  • 100% chocolate liquor Ariba
  • Milk 140 ml
  • Sugar preference (I like 5g ♪)

Hot chocolate recipe

First, warm the milk. It is convenient to have a milk pan (a small pot for warming milk etc.), but you can also use a microwave oven.
Add chocolate and sugar to hot milk and dissolve. If you have an electric creamer that can be purchased for 100 yen, it will mix nicely and look and taste better.


Cocoa mass is a nutritious food that contains minerals such as iron and calcium in addition to cacao polyphenols. Hot chocolate made from cocoa mass is easy to make and is a great alternative to breakfast or snacks.

Chocolate cocktail that you want to enjoy in your own time

At night, we would like you to accompany your time alone before going to bed or relaxing time with chocolate cocktails. I made a recipe inspired by Irish coffee.

Chocolate cocktail Irish coffee style


  • "100% chocolate liquor Ariva" 25g
  • Hot water 50ml
  • Whiskey 20-25 ml (favorite)
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • Whipped cream to your liking

Chocolate cocktail recipe

First, prepare hot water. It doesn't have to be boiling, as it only needs to melt the chocolate.
Put the chocolate in hot water and melt it. At this time, if there is the above-mentioned electric creamer, it will mix cleanly. In addition, mix the sugar.
Transfer the melted chocolate to a cup and pour the whiskey from above. Add whipped cream if you like.

I thought about the amount of the recipe so that I could feel the flavor of both whiskey and alibaca cao.For those who are weak in alcohol, make whiskey from 5 ml and flavor it.I think it's better to make it a degree.

In addition to whiskey, colored distilled liquors such as brandy and rum are very compatible, so please try whatever you like.

For the recipe, a small cup or cocktail glass is recommended.

Mamano's new self-confidence work"100% chocolate liquor Ariva"

Please enjoy it in your own way.