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Mamano's first. 100% non-sugar chocolate is out!

I'm a Mamano storyteller, chocolate nerdKadekawais.

Today is the new Mamano Chocolate"100% chocolate liquor Ariva"We will send you the taste of chocolate at full throttle!


What is cocoa mass?

this100% chocolate liquor AribaHas long been loved by MamanoCacao Let Drops 73%It is sold in the same form as, but itsThe difference is cacaois.

Mamano's chocolates are all chocolate bars, bonbon chocolates, and even the "cacaolet drops" introduced this time.Based on 73% cacaoIs made in.

After designating the formulation to the local people and repeating the trial production, it will be shipped to Japan in the completed state as "chocolate". (Purchasing cacao beans-Integrated manufacturing at the workshop is also under preparation.)

What is "cocoa mass" at the beginning? The answer is"Chocolate with 100% cacao content without sugar, milk powder, additional cocoa butter, etc."Will be.

Non-sugar! 100% chocolate is out.

This new product is "100% chocolate liquor Ariva". Because it is non-sugar, due to health problems, etc.Those who refrain from sugar intakeAlso,DeliciousYou can enjoy it.

Yes, it's delicious. This is important.

Since 100% cacao is rarely found on the market, many people may have never eaten it. Even though 80% cacao chocolate is bitter, you may think that it is 100%, but I definitely want you to give it a try. Because the higher the cocoa content, the higherThe quality of the cacao comes out clearlyThat's it!

All Mamano chocolate chocolatesA variety called Alibaba cacaoThings.
Ariva varieties are known for their gorgeous aroma and good flavor.


What does "100% Alibaba Cacao" taste like?

First of all, I am fascinated by the scent that spreads when I open the seal.

A sweet spice like cinnamon with a bitter chocolate scentI feel.

In the mouth, you can feel the bitterness like lemon peel, the gorgeous aroma, and even the sweetness.

However, it may still be "too bitter" for those who eat for the first time. In such a case, try putting a pinch of sugar in your mouth.

The chocolate liquor and sugar are gradually mixed, and the chocolate is completed in the mouth. (This way of eating, you can taste a different feeling from eating chocolate with sugar from the beginning. Try it!)

Besides eating as it is ...

There are various recommended ways to use this "Chocolate liquor 100% Ariva" besides eating it as it is.

The recipe is alsoIntroduced in the next articleTo do. looking forward to!


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