Deep richness and gentle sweetness. Card chocolate "Maple Sugar" is on – ママノチョコレート

Deep richness and gentle sweetness. Card chocolate "Maple Sugar" is on sale!

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You can enjoy the power of pure cacao with Mamano's standard chocolate bar.

With 73% cacao, you can enjoy a gorgeous aroma and a pleasant subtle bitterness.By sticking to the thinness, the crispy cold texture and melting in the mouth are also important points.

Like all other products, we use cocoa grown by the Winak Union in the Amazon in the Napo region of Ecuador. The gorgeous scent of Ariba cacao grown by natural farming is exceptional, and you will be surprised at the clearness with almost no sourness or astringency.


Gentle sweetness and crunchy texture

The new product "Maple Sugar" is used as a topping for this 73% cacao chocolate.The highest quality 100% pure maple sugar from Ganion in HokkaidoI matched.

Bitter and fragrant Alibaba cacao andRich but gentle sweetnessMaple crunch card chocolate is first of all crunchCrispy and comfortable textureReverberates and graduallyThe gentle sweetness of mapleAnd the chocolate melts and harmonizes. At the end of eating, the sweetness is refreshing and does not leave behind, leaving a faint pleasant aroma.


Commitment to maple sugar

Quebec, CanadaThe sap collected from three carefully selected maple farms in Tokyo is processed by two producers and directly imported.

Among the maple syrups graded according to the time of sap collection, the last one collected,Dark type that you can enjoy deep richness and fragranceIs further boiled down to remove water and processed into a crunch shape.

Maple sugar is rich in minerals such as potassium and calcium, has high nutritional value, and has a low calorie content among sugars.

Enjoy the harmony and texture of Ecuadorian alibaca cao and Canadian maple sugar.


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