"Hokkaido Milk" is now available as a standard large-grain pavé chocol – ママノチョコレート

"Hokkaido Milk" is now available as a standard large-grain pavé chocolate!

A new flavor to "God's large raw chocolate", a popular product from the time Mamano was founded"Hokkaido milk"Has appeared!

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Fresh Hokkaido milk pavé chocolate

The new "God's Large Grain Raw Chocolate Hokkaido Milk" was developed with the aim of making raw chocolate that is easy to eat and that anyone, regardless of age or sex, can feel "delicious!"

When you put it in your mouth, it melts gently,High-quality Ariva chocolate scent and gentle sweetness like milk caramelSpreads. If it melts on your tongue, you can drink it at a ranch in Hokkaido.The richness and freshness of fresh milkYou can feel.Use plenty of fresh milkMakes this difference.

Generally, when making raw milk chocolate, it is standard to use "milk chocolate" as a raw material, and milk chocolate contains milk components (powdered milk, etc.) that have been dehydrated.

Mamano does not use milk chocolate as a raw materialPlenty of dark chocolate and fresh milkdoing. Therefore, the flavor and richness of milk spreads even more than raw milk chocolate made from milk chocolate.


Discerning material

In addition, we are particular about the ingredients this time from Hokkaido. We are particular about the milk that is the key to raw chocolate.Takanashi Milk Products' Hokkaido 4.0 milk blended with fresh creamDid.

The sugar used is Hokkaido beet sugar, which contains minerals and oligosaccharides that condense the blessings of the earth, and is characterized by its richness and gentle sweetness.


Do not apply cocoa powder

Mamano's "God's Large Raw Chocolate" is a type that does not have cocoa powder, which is rare for raw chocolate. In order to maximize the goodness of aliba cacao, we do not dare to use cacao powder, and we have devised a way to let you feel the goodness of melting in the mouth and the taste. In addition, silver powder is treated on the surface so that you can enjoy it visually.


Recommended way to eat

Take it out of the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature for about 15-30 minutes.So, you can enjoy the best melting in the mouth. The size of one grain is considerably larger than that of ordinary raw chocolate.
It is good to take a long time while cutting with the attached pick, or to bring it to your mouth as a large grain and enjoy the luxurious taste of melting the happy lumps while chewing.


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