Started selling "Mama no Pafe -Fukushima Prefecture Datesuimitsuen Sak – ママノチョコレート
『ママノパフェ -福島県伊達水蜜園のさくらんぼ2種4個セット-』の販売を開始。数量限定。

Started selling "Mama no Pafe -Fukushima Prefecture Datesuimitsuen Sakuranbo 2 types 4 pieces-". Limited quantity.

Introducing refreshing new sweets that are perfect for summer!

Two types of mamanopafe (verrine) featuring cherries from Fukushima prefecture.Date Honey GardenMr. SatoI use the cherries that I grew up with. Sticking to the ingredients, it is composed of simple ingredients, and while suppressing the excess sweetness as much as possible, it is said to be "Ah delicious"Sweets that please your mind and bodyis.

We hope you enjoy eating and comparing the two cherries. It is recommended that you eat Sato Nishiki first, which has a light taste.Thaw completely in the refrigerator for at least half a day, then consume in the cold... It is sold only in EC.

About ordering other products

This item isFrozen deliveryis. Items that can be ordered at the same timeProducts that can be delivered frozenonlyPlease be careful as it becomes.


Composition of Mamanopafe

Uses American cherry and Sato Nishiki. Sato Nishiki is characterized by a light acidity and a gentle sweetness, and American cherries are characterized by a strong acidity and sweetness.

1st layer

The cherries are boiled quickly in low sugar content syrup (sugar water) (= compote). The jelly is packed with syrup that has melted the umami after compote.Freshness of sour taste from the first impressionIt reminds me of the glittering and dazzling scenery of the cherry farm.

2nd layer

The cherry sauce is slowly boiled down at a low temperature and concentrated.Rich and rich, but still fresh

3rd layer

Milk pudding is heated at a low temperature as slowly as possible to make the best use of the original sweetness and richness of milk, and is carefully tailored in small amounts.We are particular about the balance of the softness of the jelly and pudding on the first and third layers.By making fine adjustments, we have improved the degree of perfection as one Mamanopafe.

Chef Chocolatier Homma Comment

"The Verrine we developed this time is a straight-ball game dessert that cannot be achieved unless we use materials with high potential and maximize the goodness of the materials because we wanted to emphasize the texture of each material and finish it simply.
Because people judge that sweetness = delicious, it is a new challenge for me to face the ingredients thoroughly with sweetness, suppress unnecessary sweetness as much as possible, and still create delicious sweets, and it is born after trial and error. Please enjoy the self-confident work that was made! "


Mamanopafe concept

  • Ingredients are cherries, milk, water, sugar, coagulant only
  • Fruits are sent directly from the farm, which is full of the producer's feelings.
  • Milk is Takanashi Milk Products' special milk selected at a limited ranch in Hamanaka Town, Eastern Hokkaido, Hokkaido.
  • For water, RO water with minerals filtered to the utmost limit is used to maximize the taste of fruits.


Enjoy the change in taste in one sweet while entwining the cherry sauce.