Cacao plantation report vol.2 "Cacao cultivation that leads to the int – ママノチョコレート
カカオ農園レポートvol.2 「コミュニティ全体に繋がるカカオ栽培」

Cacao plantation report vol.2 "Cacao cultivation that leads to the interests of the entire community"

This is an interview with Mamano's partner, WINAK Union (Amazon region of Ecuador) member farmer Mercedes.

We hope that everyone will know about the cacao plantation, which is the raw material for delicious chocolate. Please take a look.

B: Interviewer
Agriculture: Mercedes

Hello, we are here in the community of San Marrtin. We are talking to a Cacao and Guayusa Farmer.
I: Hi, we are now talking to cocoa and guayusa farmers in the San Martin community.

What is your name ?
I: What's your name?

My name is Ruth Mercedes Shiguango Tapuy
Agricultural: Ruth Mercedes.

Here is your agroforestry field (chakra), what kind of products are you cultivating ?
I: What kind of crops do you grow in this chakra?

I got a lot of different products, for example Guayusa, Cacao, Cooking banana, Cassava and a little bit of corn.
Agriculture: I grow a lot of things, including guayusa, cacao, bananas, cassava, and a little corn.

And the cacao, why do you like to produce cacao ?
I: Regarding cacao, why do you like cacao cultivation?

Well, the cacao brings us benefits, an economical income not only for me but also for all people in the community! and It's the original cacao from the amazon.
Agriculture: When it comes to cacao, it's in the financial interests of me and the community as a whole. Also, it is native to Amazon here.

What is the benefit of having cacao in your agroforestry field(chakra)?
I: What are the benefits of growing cacao in your chakras?

Besides bringing us an income it's a native product.
Agriculture: It is a source of income, and it is an agricultural product of this land.

What would you like to say to the customers in Japan?
I: Is there anything you would like to convey to everyone in Japan?

Please support us ! and keep consuming our products from amazon.
Agricultural: Thank you for your continued support and continued consumption of Amazon's agricultural products!

Thank you.
I: Thank you.


Thank you for watching the interview. I realized once again that cocoa is a very important agricultural product for their lives and communities.

I would like to spread the deliciousness and splendor of cacao, which is rooted in the land and rooted in daily life, with you!

Mamano Chocolate Kotaro Ezawa


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