Introducing chocolate-like cookies – ママノチョコレート

Introducing chocolate-like cookies

On Thursday, July 9, 2020, we will release two types of chocolate-like cookies, "Ariba Choco Cookies." We have improved the cookie recipe released last year to make it a product that everyone will love. I hope you will be pleased.

Chocolate-based cookies

Chocolate is the leading chocolate cookie.

  • Chocolate is the leading role
  • Wheat flour is not used
  • Simple taste
  • Carryable even on warm days

"Dark" directly feels the power and floral scent of Ecuadorian Alibaba cacao. It has a bitter taste, like chocolate as a cookie, and has a crumbled texture. 

  • Floral scent of Alibaba cacao
  • Bitter taste
  • Texture that crumbles

"Milk" is a cookie that you can feel the sweetness. While taking advantage of Colombian white chocolate with a tropical banana-like flavor, Alibaba cacao adds thickness and complexity to the taste. It has a crispy texture derived from milk powder.

  • I feel the sweetness firmly
  • Colombian white chocolate with banana-like flavor
  • Thick taste with Alibaba cacao
  • Crispy texture derived from milk powder

Discerning manufacturing method

While pursuing simple taste with the minimum amount of ingredients, we aimed to create chocolate sweets that can be safely carried around even on warm days.

It is gluten-free because it does not use flour. Almonds are moderately oily and use Spanish Marcona with a strong sweetness. By blending this kudzu powder, we have realized a cookie texture that crumbles.

The composition, baking temperature, and baking time were finely adjusted many times so that the burning, bitterness, and sourness would not become too strong.

  • Gluten free
  • Wheat flour is not used
  • Almonds use Spanish Marcona species
  • Grilling is the point


Recommended eating method

Hot coffee and tea go well together and are recommended.
Cold drinks can be combined with this cookie.
Cold milk and cold tea with water are also recommended in the summer.


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