Two types of raw peaches, "Summer Kirameki" and "Madoka," are sold onl – ママノチョコレート

Two types of raw peaches, "Summer Kirameki" and "Madoka," are sold only at stores. [Fukushima Prefecture Fruit Garden Yamato]

From Thursday, August 6, 2020Mr. Abe from Fukushima Prefecture's Orchard YamatoWe will sell two types of fresh peaches, "Summer Glitter" and "Madoka", which are grown and harvested at the store. We had you choose Otama peach specially. One ball is 400 yen (tax included).

The two peaches will also be on sale as a glass parfait. First of all, please enjoy the raw peaches and wait for the appearance of the peach glass parfait!

Introducing a wonderful peach phrase from "Peach" by Toshiyuki Arioka.

"Peach fruit that can be seen in the summer day" Okuma Kotomichi
Even just sitting side by side, the fruits gather together in the hot summer, and the peach fruits are growing together. It is a masterpiece that compares the appearance of peaches, which have fluffy branches, as the nature of abundant fruits, while keeping the fruits in contact with each other.
"Sufficient sky, dark blue, peach ripening" Sayako Hori
The peaches ripen under the dark blue sky after it rains enough during the rainy season.
"The dimples and peaches that point to the fingers"
Kiyoko Hakomori While watching the peach fruits that are changing colors, the little child held by her mother shows her dimples and makes a happy laugh.

Every phrase brings to mind the scene, and you will want to enjoy the fresh, sweet and juicy taste of peaches.

Why don't you enjoy the delicious peaches of Fukushima together?

We are waiting for you at the Akasaka Mitsuke store!

If you would like to purchase directly on the Internet, please see the website of Orchard Yamato.