"SONOKO CAFE Ginza store" now offers "Alibaca Kao Snow Globe"! – ママノチョコレート
「アリバカカオ スノードーム」を

"SONOKO CAFE Ginza store" now offers "Alibaca Kao Snow Globe"!

Popular chocolate ice is back again this year!

The most luxurious chocolate shaved ice with plenty of chocolate made from Alibaba cacao"Alibaca Khao Snow Globe"Is now available at "SONOKO CAFE Ginza"!
* Not available at Mamano Akasaka Mitsuke

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Rich chocolate ice with alibaca cao

Mamano's original chocolate iceNo water is used, For a taste that makes you feel the aroma and richness of Alibaba cacao.
By shaving it thinly like shaved ice, it melts quickly when you put it in your mouth, leaving a bitter feeling of chocolate.
You can enjoy the mysterious texture as if you were eating chocolate as it is, even though it is shaved ice.

Plenty of SONOKO's special materials

Under the chocolate ice,"Drinking Toru" called "Drinking Beauty Liquid"It also contains jelly made from sardines, a special pudding cream with a gentle taste and a crushed "cashew nut cookie", and "SONOKO ice chocolate" that does not use additives or oil. You can enjoy the combination.

By combining hibiscus and rose berries, the jelly of "Gendai Drink Toru" has a faint sourness and a scent of flowers that spreads softly, and goes well with the fruity scent of alibaca cacao.
It is also effective for beauty and health, and it is a nice point for women to be delicious and beautiful ♪

You can also eat dried flowers topped around the bowl, and the clerk's recommended way to eat it is to put it on shaved ice and enjoy the crispy texture and the scent of flowers together. A gorgeous scent remains in the mouth.

Please try the original sweets for a limited time that can only be eaten at SONOKO CAFE Ginza store!

【Product Information】
Product name: "Alibaca Khao Snow Globe"
Price: 1,600 yen (1,760 yen including tax)
Provided by: SONOKO CAFE Ginza store

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