Collaboration product with Dicta Doll! "Dictador XO Lamb 2 Kinds of Bo – ママノチョコレート
ディクタドールとのコラボ商品!「Dictador XOラム2種のボンボンショコラ」

Collaboration product with Dicta Doll! "Dictador XO Lamb 2 Kinds of Bonbon Chocolat"

Dictador rum released on Thursday, October 28, 2021New bonbon chocolate usedIntroducing!

Family-owned rum has been brewed for three generations since 1913 in Colombia, north of Ecuador.Bonbon chocolate using two types of dictador aged rum(2 types with 6 tablets).
We will make it in a limited quantity and sell it at the Akasaka Mitsuke main store and online shop.It will end as soon as it is sold out.
Please enjoy yourself!

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Founded in 1913 What is Dicta Doll?


Dicta Doll is one of the oldest distilleries in Colombia. There are two main characteristics of the distillery.

The first is that only "virgin sugar cane honey" (syruped from sugar cane without refining sugar) is distilled.

The second is that it is aged using the Solera system (aged by adding barrels, which is used in sherry), which is rare in rum.


Two types of XO rum for bonbon chocolate

There are two types of lamb used this time.

XO Perpetual (gold bottle) and XO Insolent (silver bottle)am.

XO stands for Extra Old, which means that rum uses only aged liquor for more than 6 years, while Dictador's XO Perpetual and XO Insolent are aged for 25 to 35 years with a mellow aroma. Blended with rum.

XO Perpetual

XO Perpetual is a blend of sherry barrel liquor and port barrel liquor.It has a solid core, sweetness like high-quality brown sugar, fragrance and a hint of spiciness.

A complex and deep taste is expressed by a blend of long-term aging and a variety of raw sake.

To take advantage of its deep richness and complex flavorCombined with the dark chocolate of Alibaba cacaoFinished the ganache.


XO Insolent

XO Insorent further Richards (rehashed barrels) on sherry and port barrels.It has a strong sweetness like maple syrup and a vanilla scent, and a modest bourbon-like barrel scent.

Due to long-term aging and Richard, it does not feel spiky at all and has a very smooth taste.

To take advantage of its rich and expansive sweetnessAlibaba cacao milk chocolate ganacheFinished in.

Both rums have a variety of sweetness that makes me think that they contain sugar, but although they have something in common with their taste, they branch off in the middle and each has different characteristics, making it a very interesting rum.

Since the characteristics are made more prominent through chocolate, please enjoy each eating comparison!

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Price: 2600 yen (tax included)
Contents: 6
Where to buy: Online shop, Akasaka Mitsuke

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